Every Wednesday the F3Toledo PAX meets for a couple hours at BW3’s at 6710 Central Ave, Toledo, OH 43617.

Typical meet up starts around 4pm and lasts til 6pm, 7pm or whenever the pax needs to depart.

Hit up F3Toledo pax member “Pixar” for info, additional 2nd F ideas as well as any other F3 pax member!

What F3Nation says about 2nd F:


It’s easy to get someone out for a free workout — we call it putting the “Emotional Headlock” on a guy. But for more than 90% of F3 guys, the reason they keep coming back, setting their alarm for 4:45 or 5 a.m. three, four or five days a week is the friendships that are built in what we call “the Gloom.”

There’s something special about pushing through a brutal smokefest with another guy. We encourage those bonds by closing every workout with what we call the “CoT” (Circle of Trust). Every guy gives his birth name, his F3 nickname and his age. Even if you’re brand-new (what we call an FNG, or Friendly New Guy), we’ll slap you with an F3 nickname — the stupider and more insulting, the better — so we can remember who you are the next time you post.

We reinforce the Second F through organized F3 participation in physical challenges like obstacle races, mud runs, distance relay races, GORUCK events and other adventures (we’ve found that, in general, the more Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless — or “CSAUP” — an event is, the more enthusiastic F3 guys are about it). Many regions have regularly scheduled weekly happy hours, as well as other Second F events for couples and families.

Winter Challenges

Are you ready to push yourself and take the Black Swamp Challenge? Click for Challenge Details

The F3 PAX that persevere and complete the challenge will earn this glorious patch above designed by our 2nd F Q Pixar.

CSAUPs (Crazy Stupid and Utterly Pointless) Events

F3 GrowRuck 09

Hard Commits | Event Page

The Frog: First Annual Veteran’s Day Ruck!

Check out The Frog backblast here!

Go Ruck Tough

GoRuck Tough in Cincinnati on Friday, December 1, 2017 21:00. Join us with a beer as we celebrate the ratification of the 21st Amendment, but first, endure 12 hours of classic GORUCK Good Livin’ with some bootlegging and other prohibition-related twists.

25 PAX Completed this event! 15 Miles in 12 Hours.