Fortress Ruckus – 2 Hour

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Date(s) - 01/13/2018
5:00 am - 7:00 am

The Q:

Fort Imagination



Like rucking? Not getting enough distance in the one hour Tuesday Rucks? Then come to the Fortress for our Saturday 2 HOUR Ruck. Cover more distance. Carry heavy stuff longer. Lead a group of men through greater challenges.

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  1. Woodstock
    Woodstock says:

    Leading up to the morning of, Q had some planning decisions to make due to some extreme forecasted weather and swings from the absurd to “meh”. While it turned out to be much more “meh”, it was a good exercise in planning for contingencies. Additionally, the extra planning allowed for in progress adjustments to ensure the desired outcome was achieved. A good reminder – at least to me – that the process of developing a plan is as critical or more than the 100% execution of said plan. On with it!

    Started with 3fs, mission, core principles, and disclaimer. Welcomed FNG and there PAX made sure he was seated away as much as possible before and during ruck.

    PAX – Woodstock (q), Stark, Bambi, Monopoly, Jennay, Moana, Tupac, FNG Tiger (EH’d by Stark), Cobra and Flo joined at 6.

    The Thang
    Objective was to have a GPS track resembling an f3 logo, while hitting two specific timing points – back to Fortress by 6 to pick up additional PAX and back to Fortress by 6:50 for COT/BOM ahead if the beatdown.

    Summary: Total distance covered 5.6 miles in 1hr, 40 minutes – 17:45 pace. Also coupon swaps every 2 minutes.

    PAX started out at 5:05 with only the 40 and 60lb sandbags as coupon. 2 minute switches. Timing was a bit off so Q adjusted route slightly to make up time and keep primary objective (the f) viable. PAX stepped up beautifully and we arrived back at fortress at the exact time new PAX were arriving to join in (2.8 miles covered) Added two legs of Charlotte (40# sand filled tubes) and stepped back towards second leg objective (the 3) and nailed it – PAX stepped lively this whole second leg and we hit both the primary objective and timing back to Fortress (2.8 miles covered, in 40 minutes).

    Ended with COR / NOR, gave FNG his f3 name Tiger, and then learned about Moana as the 6.

    Ended with BOM and dropping of gear for the ensuing beat down.


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