Pacesetter (Pride Rock)

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Date(s) - 08/08/2018
7:30 pm - 8:15 pm

The Q:

Sylvania Pacesetter Park



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  1. Trinity
    Trinity says:

    Q – Trinity
    PAX – Drago, Brockovitch, El Chapo, Colonel, Ozzie, Stamper, H2, Mickey, Mr Belding, Scrum, Ticket, Scorpion, Nails, Klinger, Tupac, Rotary, Houdini, Lavar, Goose, Bagels, Billy Bob, Turnbuckle, Pixar, Ticket, Sipe.
    Mission Statement and 5 Core Principles with reminder to stay of freshly painted lines of soccer field.

    Warm Up:
    Mosey around soccer field to get loose and explain the workout.

    Round 1:
    Partner wheel barrows around the perimeter of the soccer field. Each time you stop/switch partners you each owe a burpee. Second stop equals two burpees, third stops equals four burpees and so on. At each corner of the field both partners do 25 merkins. A great push by most of the pax to get all the way around the field and get in 100 merkins + burpees. A few modified at the end as we picked up the six.

    Round 2: Bear crawl the length of the field with 25 straight leg situps at the corner. We moseyed the width of the field and then repeated our bear crawls back the length of the field with 25 more straight leg situps to bring us home.

    We moseyed over to the snack stand for a round of triceps presses in cadence. That was followed by round robin merkins. Pax choose the order of regular, incline and decline (10 of each). We finished up with one last round of tricep presses in cadence.

    We circled up with NoR and we named two FNGs (Rotary and Turnbuckle). We closed up with CoT.

    Moleskin – Merlot was spilled! This was a tough workout that was heavily focused on shoulders. The difficulty level was increased due to the heat. A great push by everyone especially with a large group and varying abilities.


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