The Crucible (Cherry Street Mission)

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Date(s) - 10/13/2020
5:30 am - 6:30 am

The Q:

Cherry Street Mission


boot camp, Toledo

Bootcamp Style beatdown in the spacious parking lot outside of the Cherry Street Mission’s Life Revitalization Center.

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  1. Vince
    Vince says:

    Laps and Craps – Oct 13

    Intro: great crisp morning at the crucible.

    PAX: bob Vance, el Chapo, Brita, brute, 50, rocket man, Dauber, Tupac shokure, Sideshow, Pixar, Mayor

    The thang:

    Each person around the circle will roll the dice. On the first roll 3 and 12 are not good. This is called “Crapping” and equates to 5 burpees

    Numbers 1-5 will be 5 reps of the designated exercise. 6-12 there number equates to number of reps.

    Once the first roll is done and it’s any number but 3&12 we do that specified exercise. 7 is a good number on the come out roll and we will do 20 imperial walkers.

    Here are the other exercises for the numbers on the dice:

    1- 1 minute all gores
    2- LT Dans
    3- Inch Worms
    4- close grip merkins w hand release
    5- Carolina dry socks
    6- Klinger Kicks two is one
    7- seven burpees
    8- merkins
    9- BigBoy situps
    10- plank jack shoulder taps
    11- lunges
    12- Air squats past parallel.

    Even 10 sets of exercises is down and back in the parking lot.

    Prayers and announcements- 5.0. Is cancer free!


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