Completed categories are highlighted in green. If part of a category is complete, the completed parts will be highlighted in green and the remaining parts will be highlighted in yellow.

Minimums for the categories are as follows:
1st F Posts: 29
1st F Qs: 1
1st F Total: 30
2nd F Total: 5
3rd F Total: 5
Grand Total: 55


PostsQsOther BonusTotal
1st F180018
2nd F2002
3rd F0000


FNG NameFNG Post BonusTotal FNG Points

1st F

DateSite-SessionPostsQsOther BonusTotal
2021-01-01Accountability Run-11001
2021-01-02The Beach-11001
2021-01-04Faith Hill-11001
2021-01-09The Beach-11001
2021-01-11Faith Hill-11001
2021-01-12The Tuesday Crucible-11001
2021-01-16Mt. Doom-11001
2021-01-18Faith Hill-11001
2021-01-23Mt. Doom-11001
2021-01-30Mt. Doom-11001
2021-02-13Mt. Doom-11001
2021-02-13The Saturday Fuse-11001
2021-02-15Faith Hill-11001
2021-02-24Pride Rock-11001
2021-02-27Mt. Doom-11001
2021-02-28The Sunday Fuse-11001
2021-03-03Pride Rock-11001
2021-03-15Faith Hill-11001
1st F Totals180018

2nd F

2021-01-02Convergence 2nd F-1101
2021-01-092nd F After Beach-1101
2nd F Totals202

3rd F

3rd F Totals000