2021 F3 Toledo Winter Challenge

GOAL: Commit to F3 Toledo and your fellow PAX to live all three F’s. As the name clearly states, this is meant to be a “challenge.” Don’t be intimidated. Embrace the suck with your brothers, get better and earn a badass t-shirt only a select few will ever be able to wear.

DURATION: January 1st through March 31st

COST: $20 or $25 – If you complete the challenge you will earn a custom F3 Toledo long-sleeved shirt ($20) or hoodie sweatshirt ($25) designed by our very own world renowned artist, Pixar. You’re going to want this shirt! For those that do not finish, your money will be donated to Cherry Street Mission on behalf of F3 Toledo.

Payment can be made via PayPal or cash to Jimmy Dean.

***For sizing purposes shirts will be similar in fit and quality to GORUCK t-shirts (Next Level 60/40 blend). These shirts won’t suck!

Submit your shirt size using this form.

REQUIREMENT: Accumulate 55 points over the 13 weeks and you will receive the shirt.

POINTS – (minimum requirements in each F)

  • FIRST F – (30 – point minimum, 29 points from workouts, 1 from Q-ing)
    • 1 Point for showing up to a regularly scheduled workout
    • 1 Point for Q-ing a workout
    • 1 Point for bringing an FNG to a workout. An additional bonus point will be given once your FNG makes his 3rd post (all 3 posts must be within Winter Challenge timeframe).
  • SECOND F – (5 Point Minimum)
    • 1 Point for attending a Coffeeteria after a regular beatdown
    • 1 Point for attending a larger planned social gatherings of 5 or more PAX (i.e. lunches or evening events). Please give fellow PAX 48-hour notice with an event post
  • THIRD F – (5 Point Minimum)
    • 1 Point for attending a Cherry Street event
    • 1 Point for attending a Bible Study
    • 1 Point for donating blood
    • 1 Point for donating clothes
    • 2 Points for donating plasma

You can keep track of your stats/points here all winter long!