Dealer’s Choice (Pride Rock) – 1/31/18

Dealers choice began with F3 mission, 5 core principles and  count O-Ramma.. total of 10 PAX..

The Q has a silly idea to let the group decide what to do, each dishing out the pain, and there was pain involved, HURT SO GOOD. What seemed like a good idea was soon being questioned at least by the Q.

Contributions we as follows:
Bambi – Flower (Sally up) that was a long 4 minutes!.
Bagles – walk like an Egyption – thigh Killers
Gadget – Bear Crawls Crawl Bears (pride is a terrible thing)
Mr. Bending – Side Straddle Hops, Diamond Merkins (why not, more shoulders)
Colonel – Jump Squat knees to hands, Herpies (a special touch to an old favorite)
Brita – Plank Jack w/Shoulder tap, Donkey Kicks (his technique was something to marvel at)
H2 – Mountain climbers, Indian run (more leg work, as if our legs needed more)
Hedgehog – Jump Lunges, plank to Fat Bottom Girls (Never realized how long that song  is and was educated that world record plank is 5 hours, and I was complaining about these few minutes?)
TuPac (Q) – Indian run passing dumb bells
Ended in a COT (and a prayer of Thanksgiving that I survived, said to self)

Thanks to the men up North that welcomed Bambi and I. Always feel welcomed

Pre-Beatdown Run (Pride Rock) – 1/31/18

Pre-Beatdown run at Pride Rock
Pax-Tupac, Bagels, Bambi, Sipe, Hedgehog.

No FNG’s

Four Corner Drill (Atalanta) – 1/31/18

Today we had Bambi, Jenney,Woodstock, Bourbon, Tupac and Landslide (Q). We initially stretched as we were going to sprint. Four cones were set up in a rectangle, 60 yards X 30 yards. We sprinted the 60yards and walked the 30 yards. At corner on,when it was reached, we did 25 merkins. At the second corner, we did 25 LBCs the first time and then 25 American Hammers the second time through. At the third cone. the first time through we did 25 Swimmer Merkins and the second time we did 25 Diamond Merkins. At the last cone, we did 25 Starfish Sit ups and the second time we did 25 V Sit Ups. We continued this rotation for 30 minutes. We then played Ultimate Frisbee for 20 minutes.

The Legs Feed the Wolf (Stone Wolfe) – 1/31/18

The Legs Feed The Wolf
Date: 1/31/18
Weather: 25 Degrees and felt like 16
Count-a-rama – 14 pax, No FNG’s
AO – StoneWolf – Timberstone Junior High – A calming location with lots of options including a track, grassy fields, and parking lot arrows.

PAX present:
Klinger, Ollie, Wake, Rose, Ozzie, Mr. Belding, Modell, Jimmy Dean, Sipe, Mary Lou, Cousteau, Kitty, Rooster, Splinter

With 7 HC’s on the schedule, YHC was looking forward to a small but mighty group. To my pleasant surprise, 14 rolled in on this crisp final day of January. Went to check the time and realized that my watch had not made the trip with me…no worries, at least we aren’t doing a timed exercise as the first portion of the beatdown…oh wait!

No FNG’s decided to roll out of their fartsacks and join us the freezing temperatures, so we went right into the 5 core principles and got down to business.

We started off with a 1/2 mile warm up loop to get the PAX moving and Kitty (Site Q) along the way shared that he did not know there was sidewalk along the outskirts of StoneWolf…new terrain being explored!

YHC spoke briefly about a popular saying that Herb Brooks, US Olympic Men’s Hockey Coach, was famous for saying, “The Legs Feed The Wolf.” Meaning wolves in order to eat need to have great speed and endurance. Coach Brooks would often have his players endure long sessions of Herbies (suicide drills) on ice as part of their conditioning.

The Thang:

-YHC Reminded everyone that it is you against you and to push yourselves. Once you’ve set your bar on suicides, continue to hit that mark or beat it in future rounds.

10 Minutes of suicides and merkins
-PAX paired up and each pair stood behind a cone. ~35 feet away was a corresponding cone so that every pair had their own row.
-Partner 1 would run suicides for 1 minute while partner 2 did 25 merkins. (If you were done early on the merkins, rest and recovery so that you could push yourself on the suicides)
-Once the buzzer sounds, partners immediately switched.

The PAX was fresh and thirsty for more after the Herbie tribute so we moseyed to the Southern entrance of StoneWolf to get started on the next phase.

YHC explained that there were 15 arrows (actually said 13) on the ground in the parking lot that direct traffic. We would be running as a group to all the arrows and at each one perform 7 burpees. If you wanted to run ahead you could and do burpees while waiting for the 6 to make it over..the 7 count would start once the 6 arrived.

Group Run w/ Burpees
15 arrows – 105 burpees

Rooster led the way with YHC doing his best to keep up and the remaining PAX not far behind. And surprisingly enough, no one seemed interested in doing extra burpees while waiting for the 6 🙂

After hitting the last 2 arrows we circled back up and had time for some Mary. Everyone partnered back up with their Herbie partner from earlier and performed 50 big boy sit-ups to close out.

Klinger as always with great attention to detail, commented that Rooster and YHC’s attempt at partner sit-ups was feeble and did not look like we were helping one another at all with the ankles loosely interlocked.

Name-o-rama and count-o-rama with Belding as the 6 who shared with us his F3 journey and how it has impacted his life, aye! Thanks for sharing Mr. B!

Special intentions for Mary Lou’s son, Kitty’s family, and for the Troops.

-First time Qing at StoneWolf even though it’s the closest AO for YHC, was an awesome experience only made better by those who supported and got better in the gloom.
-Although the AO is large with many options…YHC decided it would be best that we workout to start in a stretch of pavement that was 35 x 15 which the PAX referred to as “cozy”.
-Couldn’t hear the timer on the phone for switching but thankfully Ollie and Klinger called out the buzzer..should equip the Bluetooth speaker next time.
-YHC said 13 arrows total on the jog which was incorrect as it was 15. This unfortunately / fortunately led to Jimmy Dean leading a portion of the PAX in 9 more post beatdown burpees to “Get to 100.” …even though we were already over that mark. #ISI Nice work leading by example on those burpees JD!
-Shout out to Rooster for making the trip down from Pburg! He admitted that sit-ups were his kryptonite however YHC would say any struggles were partner related today, he is a beast!
-Colonel graciously loaned some medicine balls that were not used in today’s beatdown…wall sits were planned but ran out of time. Still waiting on Colonel to post at StoneWolf, but we had to settle for just his balls today. One of these days maybe we’ll get the full Colonel.
-Thanks to Klinger for assisting with cone cleanup and the PAX for the opportunity to lead you this morning!

We Will Ruck You (The Ruckus) – 1/30/18

DATE: 1/30/18
COUNT: 19 brave PAX posted in the 14 degree gloom this morning
QIC: Android and Mater
PAX POSTING: Sipe, Colonel, Mickey, Klinger, Danica, Trapaze, Hustle, Froman, Worm, Jimmy Dean, Wake, Brute, Ollie, John Henry, Trinity, Cousteau, uh…Rihanna, Mater, Android

The core principles of F3 were eloquently recited by Mater. Then the PAX were reminded that they are there at their own risk. No one is forcing you to be there, especially if you HC then switch to another AO even though it is a brothers VQ.

Warmups commenced with Mater leading 20 SSH, followed by 40 flutter kicks while holding your ruck in the air, followed by 10 of what we can only call the “Android” (no one is quite sure why, it just is). The Android consists of a squat while holding your ruck, then a curl with your ruck, then a shoulder press with your ruck to a 6 count. YHC wanted to continue with the beatdown but time was wasting and people get salty when we run over time so the Q was handed off to Android to lead us on a ruck. The PAX were reminded that as HIM’s we need to look out for our community and pick up any trash or items strewn along the route.

The Thang:

The ruck commenced with Android proudly leading the PAX with the shovel flag at a reasonable 16 minute per mile pace from Haroun Park south along Main Street. The route turned along Convent then into Lourdes College (or is it university?? Who really knows??)

Upon turning into Lourdes, the PAX noticed some items along the side of the road. Two 40 lb. sandbags were picked up and carried. Android continued the ruck through Lourdes College where we found two 70+ lb. logs that were picked up.

The route continued through Lourdes where a few more items were found (two 60 lb. sandbags and two cinder blocks). At the half way point, at the intersection of Lourdes and Convent, the PAX had collected two 40 lb. sandbags, two 60 lb. sandbags, two 70+ lb. logs and two cinder blocks. Let it be noted that work needs to be done on passing the coupons lest we get accosted by a Cadre at the GrowRuck.

The route continued south of Convent through the neighborhoods to Brint back to the Lourdes path between Brint and Convent. The PAX were stopped every 3-4 minutes to switch the coupons. Those without coupons did 10 merkins at the changes.

The ruck proceeded back to Haroun Park from Lourdes. The stats: Android led us on a 3 mile ruck at a 16:25 minute per mile pace with 8 coupons and merkins with packs. Definitely no walk in the park.

Ended with NOR, COR, COT. Prayers were offered for Mickey’s mother-in-law and Android lead us in a closing prayer. Thanks to all who posted. It was an honor for Android and YHC to lead this fine group of PAX

BYOB Ruck (The Necropolis) – 1/30/18

Q: Flo

Pax: Buttermaker, Bourbon, Stark, Tupac, Woodstock, Raven, Jennay, Venom, Monopoly & guest Pixar

BYOB (bring your own barbell) Ruck began at 0530 with F3 mission and five principles. COR (11) then counted off by 3’s. Formed two columns with flag at the front followed by three 55lb barbells each team carried by two pax. Two rear pax carried and curled a 20lb dumbbell. Using two minute coupon rotations we rucked 2.6 miles in 47 minutes. Our halfway point was the Wall where we broke into three teams. Each team member took turns military pressing the barbell while the rest of the team did planks with their rucks on. After several minutes we headed back to the Necropolis in our two column formation. COR, Bourbon shared his F3 journey, NOR, finishing with a COT.

The Rooster Circuit (The Gauntlet) – 1/29/18


PAX in attendance:

Casper, Peepers, Stark, Bourbon, Virus, Tupac, Buttermaker, Venom, Landslide, Spaulding Woodstock, and Rooster

Morning began with the Mission Statement, 5 Core Principles, and a COR

Four station established with four movements at each. PAX was broken into groups of 3 and sent to each station

25 Merkins
25 Situps
25 Apple Pickers
25 Air Squats

Station 2
25 Burpees
25 Side Straddle Hops
25 Should Press
25 High Knees

Station 3
25 Squats with 60lb sandbag
25 LBC
25 Plank Jacks
25 American Hammers

Station 4
25 40lb Sandbag Snatch
25 Toe Touch Box Jumps
25 Dips
25 Scissor Kicks

This was repeated for the full time allotment

6:07am time was called and all members circled up for COR, NOR, 6, and prayer

Special shoutout to Bourbon who completed the movements with a weighted vest on!!! And STARK for bringing the sandbags!!!!


It’s You vs Gravity (Faith Hill) – 1/29/18

Q – Sideshow
The PAX- Kitty, Animal, Froman, Romano, Costanza, Jimmy Dean, Hedgehog, Dauber, Ollie, Ozzie, Mater, Klinger, Brita, Android, Poodle, Rihanna, Gap, Trinity, Rose, Colonel, Mr. Belding, John Henry, Splinter, Dollywood, Modell, Gadget, Mayor, Butterball (FNG)

Warmup Run around from parking log

Routine #1
Partner up with one PAX doing burpees while other PAX reverse run up hill, forward run down. PAX alternate until a total count of 100 burpees (Burp Back Mountain).

Routine #2
Same partners, each PAX does wheelbarrow 20 yards, 10 power merkins, repeato wheelbarrow with 9 power merkins, then 8, 7……down to 1.

Routine #3
Four corners of Mount Doom: 1st corner lunges x 20 OYO, 2nd corner: mountain climbers x 20, 3rd corner frog jump x 10 and 4th corner power jumps x10.

FNG :Brandon Gabel (FNG)
#6: Jimmy Dean shared his story

End in COT

Pre-Beatdown Run (Faith Hill) – 1/29/18

Pre-Beatdown run
Q – Hedgehog
Pax – Colonel, Splinter, Ozzy, Hedgehog

F3 core principals

The Thang
3 mile run (7:34 pace)

COT – deferred to the end of the Beatdown

Black Ops Beatdown/Ruck (Pride Rock) – 1/28/18

Black Ops

Q: Brita

PAX: Pixar, Tupac, Colonel, Mickey

5 core principles and the F3 mission statement.

The Thang: 30 min Beatdown, followed by a 3.3 mi Ruck. Beat down included SSH IC, windmills IC, 25 burpees, Lt. Dans, 10 pull-ups while others do 15 Merkins and then rotate through, mosey Klinger kicks IC, Superman hold position until each PAX counts to some form of 10 (had to be there) then hold rocket man for same counting pattern to 10, Freddy Mercury’s IC. Colonel arrives and Ruck begins. principles restated, flag in tow down the path around the quarry behInd the water tower. Lots of good conversation was had, some concerning and some enlightening. Tupac saw an individual on the non-lit path and attempted to EH…shouting “F3 is free and open to all men”…he was met by the cold shrill of “I’m a woman”. We Rucked on. 5 merkins by Tupac and Brita waiting for Pix, Colonel, Mickey too catch up. Ruck was 3.3 mi/14:40 pace.

COT: 5 PAX, no FNG’s, due to there not being a “6” all pax summed up what F3 meant to them in 1 word.
Pix = Friendship
Tupac = Un-fitness
Colonel = Thankful
Mickey = Accountability
Brita = Leadership

Appreciate the men helping me be a better version of myself. Prayer reflected selflessness and seeking to Gods will…remembering that “everybody dies but not everybody lives”. In writing this I realize I forgot to ask for intentions and failed to mention the troops and their sacrifice. So for those prayers in our hearts and for the Troops ever present at our borders defending our freedom. The ultimate sacrifice.