December 2018 Ruck Pre-Blast

The December 2018 Ruck will take place on Saturday, December 29, 2018 from 7 am – 10 am at Oak Openings Metropark in Whitehouse, OH. Quadre Bambi is in charge. More information, including where to park and what to pack, is located in the file below.

2019 Winter Respect Challenge

GOAL – Commit to F3 Toledo and your fellow PAX to live all three F’s.

DURATION – January 1st through March 31st

COST – $10 – You will receive a beanie cap with a Velcro patch spot. If you complete the challenge you will earn a custom patch.

REQUIREMENT – Accumulate 50 points over the 13 weeks and you will receive the patch (design will debut in January 2019)

POINTS – (minimum requirement in each F)

  1. FIRST F – (14-point minimum, 13 points from workouts, 1 from Q-ing)
    1. 1 Point for showing up to a regularly scheduled workout
    2. 1 Point for Q-ing a workout
    3. 1 Point for attending a workout at a “non-home” AO

**SO if you Q a workout at a non-home AO you will achieve 3 points in one workout**

  1. SECOND F – (3 Point Minimum)
    1. 1 Point for attending a Coffeeteria or Q-source after a regular beatdown
    2. 1 Point for attending a larger planned social gatherings of 5 or more PAX (i.e. lunches or evening events). Please give fellow PAX 48-hour notice with an event post
  1. THIRD F
    1. 1 Point for attending a Cherry Street event
    2. 1 Point for attending a Bible Study
    3. 1 Point for participating in a cause of your own that pushes your comfort zone in involvement and community service. Contact Klinger via GroupMe once complete.

TOP ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS! Custom Stainless Steel Coasters with your F3 Name!

  1. The SITE Q for the TOP AO (in total attendance) in each region (SYL, PBG/MAU, TOL) will get a set of custom Stainless Steel coasters with their F3 name and Site name.
  2. The SITE Q with TOP SITE OVERALL (in attendance percentage increase over 2018 average) will get a set of custom Stainless Steel coasters with their F3 name and Site name.
  3. TOP 3 PAX in POINT TOTAL will get the custom coasters with their name and the winter challenge logo and date.

So rack up those points and sell your AO!

You can keep track of your stats/points here all winter long!