November Ruck – The Frog 2

Backblast – November 10, 2018

AO: Special start point, Barry Bagels – Maumee, OH

Bambi (QIC), Hazmat, Dutch, Geppetto, Huckelberry, Huffy, Froman, Hoff, Nails, Wake, Gap, Cousteau, Scrooge, Stamper, Qbert, Dauber, Mile High, Woodstock, Ticket, Socrates, Hacksaw, Chew Toy, Trinity, Klinger, Flo, Mickey, Oops, El Chapo, Bluto, Minnie, Stark, Charmin, Beaker, Ozzie, Splinter, Sideshow.

F3 Mission and Core Principles
F3 – Fitness, Fellowship, Faith
Mission –Plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. 

The core principles of F3 are that it must:

  • Be free of charge
  • Be open to all men
  • Be held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
  • Be led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary.
  • End with a Circle of Trust

Disclaimer: You versus you. I am not a professional. Modify or stop an exercise at any time & ask questions.

The “Thang”

Early Saturday AM on 11/2/2018 we had 36 people rucking around in the cold and wind of Maumee and Perrysburg in honor of Veterans Day for the Second Annual Frog. In our 6 hours under ruck we covered 13 miles, moved, 150 pounds of coupons, performed 60 minutes of ruck PT, learned something about ourselves and hopefully a little something about the men around us. It was the first truly cold and windy day of the “winter” with ice cover from freezing rain the night before. This slowed us down a bit but did not keep us from having a blast.

The Frog 2 Resources List


  1. Dutch
    • 5 Gallon Water Jug, Filled with Potable Water
    • 5 Gallon Water Jug, Filled with Potable Water
  2. Froman
    • Growruck Team Weight, 1 section
    • 60# Sandbag
  3. Gap
    • Growruck Team Weight, 1 section
  4. Stark
    • Growruck Team Weight, 1 section
    • 40# Sandbag
    • 60# Sandbag
  5. Boulder
    • 40# Sandbag
    • 60# Sandbag
    • 80# Sandbag
  6. Colonel
    • 40# Sandbag
    • 60# Sandbag
  7. Klinger
    • 40# Sandbag
  8. Bambi
    • 120# Sandbag
    • 40# Sandtube
    • 40# Sandtube
    • 40# Sandtube
  9. Splinter
    • 40# Sandbag
    • 60# Sandbag

The Frog 2018 – Schedule

Stage #1 – Barry Bagels

a. Barry Bagels: 2:30 AM – Role Call / Administrative Tasks: Bambi
b. Barry Bagels: 2:40 AM – COT / Prayer / Honor: Klinger

c. Barry Bagels: 2:50 PM – Lead to Fort Meigs (3.3m): Woodstock, Hacksaw

Stage #2 – Fort Meigs

a. Fort Meigs: 3:50 AM – 20 Min Ruck/ Slick PT: Woodstock, Hacksaw
b. Fort Meigs: 4:10 AM – 5 Minute Break: Bambi
c. Fort Meigs: 4:15 AM – Lead to Rotary Park (2.2m): Ticket, Geppetto

Stage #3 – Levis Commons

a. Levis Commons: 5:10 – 20 Min Ruck / Slick PT: Socrates, Gap
b. Levis Commons: 5:30 AM – 5 Minute Break: Bambi
c. Levis Commons: 5:35 AM – Lead to Orleans Park (3.6m): Bambi, Stark

Stage #4 – Orleans Park

a. Orleans Park: 6:30 – 20 Min Ruck / Slick PT: Mile High
b. Orleans Park: 6:50 AM – 5 Minute Break: Bambi
c. Orleans Park: 6:55 AM – Lead to Barry Bagels (3.8): Klinger, Trinty
d. Trash Collection: Orleans to Sidecut: Several PAX

Stage #5 – Barry Bagels, Maumee

a. Barry Bagels: 8:15 AM – CoT, Patches: Bambi, Froman
b. Barry Bagels: 8:30 AM – Prayer: Brita

Ended with


The 6 was Jonathan “Bourbon” Burns. He is 38 and got his name because of his last name and he is from Kentucky. He was EH’d by Tots. He keeps coming back because of all the support from the PAX and the push/callouts when he is not feeling it and takes a day off.

Patching by Bambi & Froman 

2nd F @ Barry Bagels, Maumee

Hazmat led the prayer

Service Action
As with all of our monthly rucks are encouraged to incorporate a service activity, project, donation, etc. into the event and the Frog was no different. As part of the Frog this year we were able to tackle 4 separate service opportunities:

1) Metropark trash clean up in Orleans Park and Sidecut Park during the Frog,
2) Toothpaste donation to Cherry Street Mission (41 tubes collected),
3) Donation to Veterans Matter a Toledo based Non-Profit ( and
4) Donation to the V Foundation Toledo dedicated to Victory over Cancer

With the 36 PAX participating and 3 additional who paid the $20 for the Frog but had to back out there was a total of $780 collected. Less $180 for patches which ended up being over ordered due to lower than anticipated participation (everyone got 2 patched). That left us with $600 which was split evenly between the two charities. In addition to this donation Trinity was able to use a Charitable Donation Matching Benefit to double the initial amount. Veterans Matter also has a corporate sponsor who will match all donations provided we check a box on the donation form. The total financial impact of the Frog after donations and all matching benefits will be $1,500.

Shout Outs

Special thanks to all those that helped me with the Frog:

Froman and Splinter with guidance

Pixar for the Shirt and Patch designs

Trinity, Klinger, Ticket, Geppetto, Stark, Woodstock, Hacksaw, Socrates, Gap, and Hazmat for leading a Ruck segment, PT or the Prayer.

Dutch, Froman, Gap, Stark, Boulder, Q*Bert, Colonel, Klinger, and Splinter for bringing coupons

Hazmat, Huckleberry, Sideshow, and Chew Toy for tackling trash cleanup.