March Madness Ruck Run Challenge – 2022

Do you like rucking or running? Well we have the challenge for you. For the month of March track your rucking and running miles. The rules are simple. Rucking must be done with a weighted ruck sack, no stuffed animals either get some weight in there. Maybe rucking is not your thing, then track your running miles and no miles during a beatdown do not count, cause I know someone will ask. You must log 60 miles during the month to complete the challenge. Simple right, want to make it interesting put some skin in the game in the form of money and compete against the PAX, contact Beaker to pay. Your total miles minus 60 miles will be calculated and the top 2 Pax members, one for rucking and one for running will split the pot and have bragging rights for a week or so till we decide to do something else dumb and for no point. How to track your miles, it’s easy use the link below to go the spreadsheet find your name and the date and enter your miles to the new nearest tenth of a mile, no rounding up, no weak crap. To clarify the nearest tenth of a mile is like this, if you rucked 3.44 miles then you record 3.40 miles, so walk that extra .06 and get 3.5, don’t be lazy. Also this is the honor system so do not mess it up for us. Any questions get with Beaker or Thong Song and they will answer your question unless it’s dumb then Thong Song will ignore you.

Ruck Run Google Sheet