Q Resource

Qing a work out can be overwhelming but the PAX is here to support the Q and make sure we set you up for success.

How to get on the Q schedule?

Talk to the site Q and ask for what dates are open for there site. Here is the link to the site Q list.

Creating a Calendar event

GroupMe has a calendar function where all the workouts get posted. PAX members will HC to the event. It is recommended to create your calendar invite 7 days prior to the event to allow for planning.

Planning the work out

If this is your first time leading a workout, a good idea is to co Q with another pax member or work with the site Q on what works well at their location. Plan for 40 to 60 minutes of exercises depending on the location. F3 Nation has a great webpage that goes thru planning a workout along with starting a work out and ending a work out. When ending a work out during name-o-rama please take attendance via video so you can post your back blast.

What do I do after the work out ends?

F3 Toledo tracks the pax stats and how our AO’s are performing. A back blast is required to be posted so the weasel shaker can track the points. To post a back blast, go the F3 Toledo calendar for either Toledo or Sylvania and find the workout. Click on the workout and go down to the comments section and the format should be the date, the work out, the pax members in attendance and who the Q was. We also document who the 6 was and synopsis. Once you submit the comment, go to the groupme app and tag the weasel shaker in the comment about the back blast being posted so he can fill out his stats.

What if I have an issue?

Shared Leadership Team – If you have any issues with the process or have suggestions please reach out to a member of the SLT and they can guide you.