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September Ruck Event Backblast

The September Ruck Event was a good ole fashion game of capture the flag. See the Pre-Blast here for the rules and setup of the game. Each team has provided their own perspective of the event, including planning and prep, “game time” activities, and the post-game show. Enjoy the lifetime of memories garnered from this spectacular event. […]

September Ruck Event Preblast

9/22/2018 The September Ruck Event will be a good ole fashion game of capture the flag. – See the backblast for this event READ THE RULES HERE Capture the Flag Ruck (Full credit to our brothers in Louisville for this idea) From a center point (Inside the Five), each team will be assigned a slice of the […]

The Legend of Mad Anthony (August 2018 Ruck Event)

PAX: Flo, Mother Rucker, Mercy, Patriot, Q*Bert, Chew Toy, Bambi, Huckleberry, Houdini, Cousteau, Billy Bob, Lavar, Bourbon, Bluto, Tupac Quadre: Jimmy Dean After going over the mission of F3 and the 5 core principles, YHC took it upon himself to explain that as a Quadre, he would be part Q and part Cadre for the […]

June 2018 Rucking Event Backblast

          Date: 16 June 2018 Weather: 90 degrees, 65% humidity, no wind = HOT!!! QIC: Klinger PAX: Oscar Meyer, Gap, El Chapo, Splinter, Dauber, Froman, The Colonel, Stamper, Trinity, Wake, Tupac, The Hoff, and Klinger The Thang: First, YHC would like to apologize for the lateness of this backblast. Froman and Ticket have […]

St. Patrick’s Day Convergence Ruck (Promenade Park) – 3/17/18

St. Patrick’s Day Convergence Ruck 3/17/18 Backblast PAX: Jimmy Dean, Sipe, The Mickey, El Chapo, Woodstock, Ticket, Jennay, Stark, Shakira, Brute, Ollie, Splinter, Wake, The Hoff, Tupac, Sunshine, Brita, The Colonel, Stamper, FNG-Mark Bueller (Socrates), Ozzie, Bourbon, Raven, Jingle Bells, Hedgehog, Mater, Danica, Cooter, John Henry, Valdez, Worm, Bambi, The Mayor, Modell, Gap, Cogsworth Q: […]

Spartan “300” (The Fuse) – 3/3/18

It was a Great morning for a workout! Attending our Spartan 300 workout was Brita, Dollywood, Sideshow, Poodle, Lavar, Pixar, Cogsworth, Flutie, Bagals and the Q, Landslide. We split into 2 groups of 5. Each group then re-split into groups of 2 or 3. We worked out on the track. While one of the 2 […]

Ambition as a Ruckah (Mt. Doom) – 3/3/18

AO – Mt Doom Q’s were Mater and Mickey PAX- Chapo Friday Froman mercy wake splinter Elena Klinger Mickey mater nails cogs 5 core principles The thang – Rucked 3.25 miles at a 15:00 minute pace while stopping at highland school for PT. 15 Merkins 15 Klinger kicks 15 squats 10 partner sit ups Finished […]

Selection Saturday Part 2 (Lamplight) – 3/3/18

GORUCK Selection PT Test in Reverse order with slight modifications: Date: 03/03/2018 Time: 7:00 – 8:00 AM Location: Fortress Ruckus – AKA…Woodland Park Q: Bambi PAX: 14 total – Raven, Bourbon, Rooster, Shakira, Tupac, Sipe, Buttermaker, Jennay, Bambi, Spaulding, Coal, Mr. Bean, Venom, Virus F3 Mission: Fitness, Fellowship, Faith; to plant, serve and grow men’s […]