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March 2019 Ruck – Backblast

Event:         Mock Star Course in the BurgDate:            Saturday, March 9, 2019 – Sunday, March 10, 2019 Location:    Bar Louie, Levis Commons 10 PAX: Geppetto, Bourbon, Huckleberry, Houdini, Billy Bob, Casper, Bambi, MudVayne, Rhonda, TuPac Q: Jimmy Dean At promptly 9pm, YHC handed out maps with the wayward points to the PAX (list is below). They immediately […]

February 2019 Ruck – Backblast

The ruck started out at 32 degrees with Chew Toy, Patriot and Mercy. YHC was a little skeptical about the ice on the trails so we started at a slower pace. After a quarter mile, two of us picked up a coupon for two miles. As we were progressing, we found more ice spots so […]

March 2019 Ruck Pre-Blast

We saw a flurry of GORUCK event sign-ups at the end of 2018 and a few more early in 2019. For those who are going to do a Star Course later this year and those who want to give a free one a go, consider the Mock Star Course in the Burg. All F3 Toledo […]

February 2019 Ruck Pre-Blast

The February 2019 Ruck will take place on Saturday, February 23, 2019 from 7 am – 10 am at Oak Openings Metropark in Whitehouse, OH. Quadre Chew Toy is in charge. Meet at 0700 at the Buehner Center with packed ruck. There may or may not be coupons. Please plan for conditions accordingly. The plan […]

April 2019 Ruck – Pre-Blast

F3Toledo Monthly Ruck Pre-Blast Final Four Pub Ruck April 6th, 2019 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm Packing list: At least 20lbs ruck weight Reflectors on your ruck Headlamp (probably not needed, but bring anyways) Index card with emergency contact information, medications, and allergies Athletic equipment donation (see below) Money for beer! Meet in the parking […]

December 2018 Ruck Pre-Blast

The December 2018 Ruck will take place on Saturday, December 29, 2018 from 7 am – 10 am at Oak Openings Metropark in Whitehouse, OH. Quadre Bambi is in charge. More information, including where to park and what to pack, is located in the file below.

2019 Winter Respect Challenge

GOAL – Commit to F3 Toledo and your fellow PAX to live all three F’s. DURATION – January 1st through March 31st COST – $10 – You will receive a beanie cap with a Velcro patch spot. If you complete the challenge you will earn a custom patch. REQUIREMENT – Accumulate 50 points over the 13 weeks and you will […]

November Ruck – The Frog 2

Backblast – November 10, 2018 AO: Special start point, Barry Bagels – Maumee, OH PAXBambi (QIC), Hazmat, Dutch, Geppetto, Huckelberry, Huffy, Froman, Hoff, Nails, Wake, Gap, Cousteau, Scrooge, Stamper, Qbert, Dauber, Mile High, Woodstock, Ticket, Socrates, Hacksaw, Chew Toy, Trinity, Klinger, Flo, Mickey, Oops, El Chapo, Bluto, Minnie, Stark, Charmin, Beaker, Ozzie, Splinter, Sideshow.No FNGs […]

September Ruck Event Backblast

The September Ruck Event was a good ole fashion game of capture the flag. See the Pre-Blast here for the rules and setup of the game. Each team has provided their own perspective of the event, including planning and prep, “game time” activities, and the post-game show. Enjoy the lifetime of memories garnered from this spectacular event. […]