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Story 27

An Answer to an Unspoken Prayer F3 was, literally, an answer to an unspoken prayer. Over the last few years, I had lost two men that had been strong mentors in my life. My father-in-law had died unexpectedly, and a good, older male friend of mine had moved a few states away to be with […]

February 2020 Ruck Pre-Blast

Grand Rapids to Maumee Ruck Event Date:            Saturday February 1, 2020Location:    Providence Metro Park, Grand Rapids, OH Time:            0500 – 1300 Meet at St Joe’s, Maumee, OHClown Car to Providence Metro Park, Grand Rapids, OH Contact Isosceles or Mercy with any questions Packing list: 20 pounds minimum ruck weight Reflectors on Ruck Headlamp Extra […]

Story 26

Double Respect is Earned I am not quite sure how or even where to begin. I have never been one to keep a diary or a journal. Never given much thought about trying to convey to others the reason why I chose to do something or join a particular group. At 61, I’m really starting […]

Story 25

The Six The idea of the “Six” in the Count O Rama has been very interesting and enlightening to me ever since a couple of F3 Toledo Pax brought it back from F3 Louisville. The sixth man in the Count O Rama shares a little bit about their F3 journey, including who headlocked them, how […]

Story 24

From Lonely, “Sad Clown”to Clowning with Palsand Getting Yoked They say most men live lives of quiet desperation. I could relate to that…a ton!  It was the year 2007, like a frigid dousing of water  slapping me in the face, I sat in my favorite chair in the living room…stunned.  Where once there were three […]

2020 Winter Challenge

GOAL: Commit to F3 Toledo and your fellow PAX to live all three F’s. As the name clearly states, this is meant to be a “challenge.” We have upped the required point totals across the board. Don’t be intimidated. Embrace the suck with your brothers, get better and earn a badass t-shirt only a select […]

Story 23

Strength Through Brotherhood My story begins several years before F3 came to Toledo. When my second child was born in 2009, I was 60 pounds overweight and in poor condition physically. I was 30 years old but felt much older than that, like my best years were behind me. I successfully lost about 25 pounds […]

Story 22

You Get What You Give Wake up, take daughter to school, go to work, come home, play with kid/make dinner, put kid to bed, maybe watch a show with my wife, maybe workout, shower, and go to bed. Next day, rinse and repeat. This was a summary of my week for nearly the last 3 […]

Story 21

Men Providing Inspiration What F3 means to me… When I was first approached about F3, I was skeptical. I thought OK, someone profits from this somewhere. It’s only a matter of time before someone starts asking me for money. But it never became that.  F3 has brought me a brotherhood and friendships that I didn’t […]

F3 & FiA Gift of Play

F3 & FiA are combining their efforts and putting their community focus towards a new and very exciting goal! We’ve aligned with Wood County Plays to plan to raise $25K towards a $750K all-inclusive playground being built in Perrysburg! This playground will be the first of its kind in Perrysburg as well as the entire […]