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Story 16

Moving Forward with Purpose I have pretty much always been into “fitness” – from sports in school, to the military, to lifting during college. I started running shortly after my father passed away in 2013. I always told myself it was to clear my mind and give me some alone time to think through whatever […]

Story 15

Filling a Void My name is Jonathan Burns; my F3 brothers know me by “Bourbon.” I’m not typically one to share my deep thoughts or emotions, but I am doing so here, in this medium, in the hopes that it might touch someone out there and help change their focus on life like F3 has […]

Story 14

Already Exercisingbut Missing Something! Growing up I was very active in sports and competed into my college years. Upon graduating, I was burnt out and didn’t care if I ever saw a gym or running track again. I pretty much kept to that promise and became a very inactive guy for the next eight years.  […]

Story 13

From Divorced to I’m Normal!? At the age of 46 in 2016, I had just completed my divorce after 20 years of marriage. I had a new outlook on life and knew the importance of making good choices. Connect with my high school buddies and spend money at the bar or join them in some […]

Story 12

My New Band of Brothers Band of Brothers is a term that is normally associated with the military. The basis comes from the fact as a military unit you become so close to those guys fighting and training that they become like family to you. That brotherhood is what makes leaving the military so difficult […]

Story 11

Helping Men BeBetter Versions of Themselves I have been part of F3 since June 2017. It changed my life for the better and I didn’t even realize I needed a change. I am so grateful for The Colonel, Klinger, Brute, and Pixar for bringing F3 to Toledo, Ohio and to my friend, Froman for introducing […]

Story 10

Making Me Feel Wanted and Losing a Ton of Weight Before journeying down this crazy road called F3, I was out of shape, lazy, sluggish, and irritable. I never wanted to work out, and I never thought I really needed to. About 6 months prior to joining F3, my 5-year-old nephew looked at me one […]

Story 9

A Lesson in Selflessness The first I heard of F3 was from a coworker who told me a story about how he went on a “ruck” (I had no idea what this meant at the time) which began Saturday morning around 3 AM and continuing through the night into the morning. I couldn’t fathom wanting […]

The Frog 2019 Pre-Blast

Announcing….. F3 Toledo’s 3rd Annual CSAUP Ruck The Frog 2019 When:         Saturday Sept 21st, 2019 @ 3:00 AM – 9:00 AMLocation:   Downtown Toledo Cost:            $20 per PAX member with the proceeds going to charity, TBD. Please use Friends and family and send through PayPal at https://paypal.me/andyriggs All finishers will earn the 2019 Frog patch.  This patch will never […]

Story 8

A Better Man F3 came right on time for me. Physically, I was in the worst shape of my life. Working out at home or at the gym was something that just didn’t appeal to me. It was a start-stop kind of deal that just I didn’t make work.  Spiritually, I was looking for basic […]