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Date(s) - 03/16/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Tots, Flo

Fort Meigs YMCA



Come check out an opportunity for expanding your third F (Faith) involvement in F3 with this peer led Bible study. Excellent opportunity for exploring your faith and enjoying fellowship with the F3 Toledo PAX. Meeting room located in the conference room by the main entrance.

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      Anonymous says:

      BB for 3rd F Preruck 4:30-5:30am

      PAX: Bambi, Tupac, Tots, Casper, Flo, Raven

      Q: Rooster

      The Thang: Levis commons loop =3.5 miles. Varying weights of Ruck based on preference of each member.

      Mission Statement and 5 Core Principles announced, COR.

      Q gave short introduction to PAX explaining that during the Ruck each member would have 7 minutes where they would be on the “hot seat”. The man on the hot seat would be responsible for carrying the flag and also would have to answer any question that his fellow PAX asked him. Directions were given explaining that the questions could be anything from very serious, to funny.

      Examples of questions that came up: What is your three year goal? Whats the biggest mistake you’ve ever made in your life? Whats your greatest accomplishment? If you could go back and tell the 20 year old you something, what would it be? etc.

      COR, NOR, 6, Intentions, Prayer

      The conversation was rich and all members stepped out of their comfort zone adding to the cohesiveness of the group. I was honored to lead this ruck and felt the camaraderie between all members present was strong. Every member gave the hot seat man the respect that he deserved and attentively listened throughout his turn.

      As men we don’t always get the opportunity to be completely honest without fear of looking weak or feeling judged. Work demands, family life, stress of leading your household, it can stifle time for self awareness leaving us lacking of moments to stop and simply reflect. That is the beauty of the “hot seat”. It forces you to talk about yourself. You have an audience of peers who are demanding nothing of you in that moment, but are simply there to listen.

      After listening to the MEN of the ruck I came to this conclusion:

      F3 is more than a group of dudes getting up early to workout. It is a group of MEN who are daily striving to better themselves for their wives, children, families, and future families. Its a group of MEN who are willing to break the mold of what the 21st century man has become. We refuse to be “boys who can shave” throwing of our childish ways, and shouldering the weight of responsibility for our loved ones around us. We are not perfect, but we strive for perfection because we serve a heavenly Father who was perfect in our place.

      I am honored to be a member of this group of MEN.



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