Convergence at Close Park Toledo – No Sylvania Workout

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Date(s) - 12/16/2017
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Q:

Close Park



Time to converge with your F3 brothers in Toledo at Close Park (The Oasis). Second F Coffeeteria at the Executive diner afterward.

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  1. Brita
    Brita says:

    Q: Brita

    PAX: Ozzie Buttermaker Rooster Froman Nails Splinter Jimmy Dean Gap Mary Lou Mickey El Chapo Pixar Tupac Sunshine Wake Tots Bourbon Moana Bambi MotherRucker Stamper Ticket Colonel

    FNG: Jared Darby “Rhonda”

    5 core principles of F3 followed by short instruction by YHC of how the Ruck would be completed and the teamwork necessary to complete the mission. Lessons learned from Q’s previous Rucks and how experiences would lead to success. In honor of Cadre Garret belted out my first “at ease” to get the orange hat hunting club from PBurg to quit their incessant yappin’. 6 coupons, F3 Shovel Flag, line up 2 X 2. Reminder to keep mumble chatter to minimum through residential areas; moreover, the Shovel Flag would remain first, followed by the 6 coupons, rotate back in singular fashion. A PAX would get a coupon 3 straight times, then the flag, and then fall back to the 6. Mutiny was on the horizon, when the Q reminded them that if they didn’t like the leadership they could step up and Q next time! As the men stepped off, YHC scanned the Pax in search of the mysterious Ozzie, but never saw him…as usual claims were made that he was there…we will let the Post-Whore records speak for themselves. The men were met with icy terrain, non-shoveled walks, and the buzz of honking from the passer-by’s staking there affirmation for the Flag and the Pax in tow! Shout out to Ticket for Posting and competing some PT and not letting the frustration of his injury hold him down. Some rumbles of some Fart-Sacking crept under the silent cold of the gloom…Klinger, it couldn’t be possible that the Ruck King himself had sacked…sure as the passion for F3, he did. Honeymoon, well that is another story, a familiar story actually. 25, no kids, 5:15 on a Saturday morning…you know how this ends. The Pax were in complete unison moving like an F3 train through the Toledo Miracle Streets…one engine (the Flag), one loaded rail-car( Pax + coupon), one caboose (the 6).

    05:20-06:15, 3.39 miles, 17:24 pace, 24 PAX, 1 FNG, Shovel Flag, 6 coupons, and teamwork. Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama, BOM.

    Prayer to remember “Everyone dies, but not everybody lives” through F3 we can truly live. Prayers to be strong leaders, executing strong male companionship, rid us of our selfishness, lust, anger, and hate…make us selfless, strong leaders, better husbands, fathers, and men in our community.

    Welcome FNG: Jared Darby “Rhonda”

    Respect to the 100: Pixar and Bluto



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