Woodland Park (The Fortress)

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Date(s) - 12/08/2018
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Q:

Fort Imagination


boot camp, Perrysburg

Boot camp style workout. At Woodland Park. Two large Playgrounds, Frisbee Golf Course, 1 Mile Dirt Track, HUGE Field.  Plenty of space here to craft a diabolical smokefest for even the strongest PAX.

Entrance is off East Boundary. Kip Boulis Drive.

SATURDAYS always followed up with 2nd F (fellowship) at Lamplight Cafe and Bakery located at 121 W. Indiana ave. Great opportunity to get to know members of F3Toledo and refuel from the workout.


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  1. Craig A Springer
    Craig A Springer says:

    Backblast – December 8, 2018 – Bring a Rucksack

    AO: The Fortress…akaWoodlands Park – Perrysburg, OH

    PAX: Bambi (QIC), Huffy, Oops, Ponzi, Flo, ChicPea-FNG-Josh Payzant), Charmin, Huckelberry, Artois, Tai Guy, Woodstock, Dutch, Tupac, Geppetto, Bourbon, Jennay, Stark, Venom

    One FNG, Josh Payzant, ChicPea

    F3 Mission and Core Principles:

    F3 – Fitness, Fellowship, Faith

    Mission –Plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.
    The core principles of F3 are that it must:
    • Be free of charge
    • Be open to all men
    • Be held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
    • Be led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary.
    • End with a Circle of Trust

    Disclaimer: You versus you. I am not a professional. Modify or stop an exercise at any time & ask questions.

    The “Thang”: Most PAX showed up with Rucksacks of various weight. There were 5 PAX without rucksacks and 3 other PAX who supplied them with a spare…”lucky them” I guess? All PAX rucked up and we Ruck-Ran starting from the shelter house in a leapfrog fashion stopping at the first available tree and holding squat until each person was the last PAX at which point they proceeded to run to the front of the group and find another tree to pop a squat. This continued on repeato until all PAX made it back to the parking lot where we raced to find a tree in the parking lot island to hold squat. Once all PAX had a tree and were holding squat we counted off to make sure we were all there and then counted a little higher just for good measure.

    From there the PAX circled up for some enjoyable ruck PT among the trees. First was a 100 count holding Rucks above our heads, they ruck swings, ruck curls, and a couple of other items…taking care not to do anything that required sitting or laying on the frozen / soaked ground. Next up was a mosey to the small field surrounded by a half moon shaped hill behind the shelter area. All PAX partnered up and proceeded to pretend we were in 4th grade competing in events at field day during the last week of school. We only made it through one event…the wheelbarrow. With Rucks on each partnership had to make it approximately 75 yards and back, switching at their leisure. At about the halfway mark the Q realized some PAX were struggling and reminded all that this is you against you and suggested lunges, partner carries, have the walking PAX carry both packs, etc. rather than hurting yourself. Some PAX adjusted and others continued on with the stupid. The PAX that finished early had the choice of holding plank or picking up the 6 and finishing with their brothers…most chose the 6. The Q released those holding plank when the 6 made it back to the starting point.

    With sore backs all around that ended the partner work. Next up was some more rucking. The PAX continued on foot from the hill to the gravel trail that makes its way around Woodlands park covering approximately 1 mile. At about 100 yards in Geppetto took a tumble from slipping on ice and landed on his shoulder. It was either pride or truth, but Geppetto claimed he was OK and we proceeded on after to adjusting our ruck to the grass right next to the gravel…or should I say Ice trail. A quarter mile later the Q inquired if any PAX were fans of Frisbee Golf….it turns out Jennay is a big fan and thanks to that he was the leader of the next section of the beatdown from one Frisbee golf hole to the next.

    Familiar to most and hated by all the Elephant walk is a great way to make friends…or something like that. After all PAX were in a straight line, partially squatting, slightly bent over, their hands locked with the PAX in front of and behind them…(of course that is with hands / arms passed in between your / our legs), turning their heads to the right or left to avoid the long stare into the crack in front of them, The Q gave the signal for Jennay to begin the “50” yard march to the next hole. At about “50” yards in it was evident that we still had “50” yards to go. In a couple of more minutes we were there and all PAX made it, finishing with a sigh and some could not even look the PAX to their front or back in the eye.

    We were almost done and had about 1/3rd of a mile back to the shelter. Tupac took the lead and was asked to set a quick but achievable pace. Oops thought it was a race and quick;ly ran to the front. This caused all other PAX to move quick;y and with more purpose than necessary as this quick return resulted in too much time remaining upon our return to the shelter house. Once back at the shelter house the PAX performed decline merkins with rucks, side straddle hops and burpees led by various PAX for various reasons.

    Ended with:

    The 6 was Chris “Charmin” Tracey. He was EH’s by Stark who he met at an EPIC event. He keeps coming out because of the PAX, for the prayers, for the mental and physical toughness.

    FNG was named, Josh Payzant, ChicPea: He got the name because he likes middle eastern food, someone said hummus but that did not stick, ChickPea was thrown out after a couple other suggestions and it stuck immediately.

    Announcements – Winter Challenge, Holiday party reminder, Monthly ruck on 12/29, New Years Day convergence, Nex Tuesday evening AO location at Levis.

    Bambi led the prayer for coworkers, work restructuring, PAX friends and family with illness, good news with babies on the way and PAX going through challenging personal situations.


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