Harroun Park (Ruckus)

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Date(s) - 11/07/2017
5:15 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Klinger and Brita

Harroun Park

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  1. Paul Martin
    Paul Martin says:

    Stamper’s VQ — Go Ruck or Go Home (November 7, 2017)

    Temp: 39 Degrees F

    20 PAX showed up to brave the gloom at Harroun Park striving towards a better version of themselves and to getting one last Ruck done to prepare for a challenge like no other before…. THE FROG! > ribbit >> A New FNG was christened “AOL” by Dauber.

    Prayer Intentions:
    1) For Mater on this election day. Good Luck to him.
    2) For Brute’s soon-to-be born child.
    3) For Cogsworth’s daughter’s young friend who is battling a severe case of depression and questioning life.
    4) For Honeymoon’s Dad
    5) For all other intentions held in our hearts.

    1) There will be a table set-up for the “Get Fit Toledo” event Huntington Center Wednesday (11/8/17) afternoon from 4:00 to 5:30 pm – looking for additional volunteers to help EH some new PAX.
    2) There is an opportunity to work out INDOORS at the Huntington Center with the CEO of Spartan Races (Joe De Sena) on Wednesday (11/8/17) at 5:30 to 6:30 pm.
    3) Special Beatdown – Downtown on Thursday morning (11/9/17). Sylvania will still be holding a work-out at Stranahan at the usual time – see Calendar for details.
    4) VOTE!!! On Groupme for the holiday party – or you might get a knock from PIXAR.
    5) If you know a Military VETERAN — Contact Dauber. He is looking for individuals for his class to write letters to for Veterans Day (11/11/17).

    ** The hill adjacent to the Lathrop House is now nicknamed “Freedom Hill” by YHC due Lathrop House’s link to the historical Underground Railroad.

  2. Paul Martin
    Paul Martin says:


    The Thang:
    To prepare for the Frog, your “Q” attempted to combine a good old fashion beat-down with a fast paced ruck and focus on keeping the PAX in a higher cardio zone during the majority of the Workout.

    10 Merkins
    0.7 mile Warm-up Ruck (Down to Root Parking Lot, to the Harroun Park Walking Path, and back up the eastern path to the Lathorp’s “Freedom Hill”* and back to the bus loading zone at St. Joseph)
    20 Decline Merkins (on your own – then plank until Q calls Finish)
    25 Squat Presses (In Cadence)
    20 Weighted Lunges (10 per side, on your own)
    0.3 miles Fast Run around the Parking Lot (Max out the Heart Rates!!)
    1.0 mile Ruck (Down Main Street, West on Monroe, North on Fairview, East on Maplewood to Maplewood Elementary – stop at the Brick Erosion Walls)
    30 Incline Merkins against the wall (on your own – then plank until Q calls Finish)
    0.8 mile Ruck (East on Maplewood to Summit, South on Summit, crossed Monroe, East to the park Entrance. Worked way back to “Freedom Hill” and to the St. Joseph Parking Lot)

    Cogworth, Dauber, Bluto, Scrooge, Rose, Klinger, Froman, Mayor, Brute, Wake, Pixar, Kitty, FNG (AOL), Hacksaw, Ollie, Brita, Mailman, Colonel, Splinter, Stamper


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