Harroun Park (Ruckus)

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Date(s) - 01/09/2018
5:15 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Klinger and Brita

Harroun Park

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  1. Brita
    Brita says:

    PAX: 24 — Android, Hustle, Worm, Ticket, Trinity, Pixar, Cogsworth, John Henry, Trapeze, Froman, Mayor, Stamper, Wake, Bourbon, Brute, Mickey, Splinter, Mary Lou, Mater, Cousteau, Klinger, Stark, Rhiana

    Q: Brita

    Results: 3.31 miles at 16’32” pace overall (included PT)
    Rucking Pace: 1 mile ~13:30…2 mile ~ 14:15… 3 mile ~ 14:50

    The Thang:

    Cadre Brita straightened up the PAX squarely at 5:15 sharp (“Time waits for no man” – Klinger). Welcomed the PAX, asked for presence of FNG’s; there were zero, and gave a shout out to Stark and Bourbon from the Southern part of the Region. Stated the F3 Core principles per the Freed to Lead text, did NOT replace the core principle of “lead by a member of the group in rotating fashion” with “lead by a non-professional” which is not a core principle. Explained that we would be Rucking the streets in a 2 x 2 formation, then someone yelled ranks, I said yes, then that same person said these are columns not ranks…Brita found that to be hysterically odd, but thanks to prayer said nothing. Klinger followed by Mickey, two of F3’s strongest leaders, both put their single arm in the air and the PAX quickly fell into formation.
    Th PAX stepped off directly after principles with a strong pace taking them to there first PT beat down. YHC instructed the PAX that they would be stopping every 0.5 miles to complete the Merkin in cadence on the “down” count, completing 15/0.5mi…7 total PT hits equaling 105 Merkins with our packs on. There were to be 15 penalty Merkins if the flag were to not remain in the respectful upright position; obviously, no penalty Merkins were subjected to the PAX, who always protect the Honor of the Flag and what it represents. In order to protect our “six” stronger members circled up the six and trudged the road to happy destiny with them, placing them at the core, at the nucleus, and, at the center of our F3 Ruck. Footing was an issue as warmer temperatures from the previous day created some potential black ice situations. Communication was key to relaying the ice-ridden terrain; grateful to report that there were no casualties from PAX members hitting the frozen tundra.
    Brita was grateful that he took tha time to scout an original route through the beauty of Lourdes University and the Fransican Life Center; even making a pass by the Porta Coelli Cemetary…as Brita shared his efforts to bring a new route to the PAX, Klinger said, “yeah, I did this same route last week”; Brita was deflated like a hot air ballon with no flame, but together they marched on. PAX rotated the honor of carrying the shovel flag and circled through the ice rink of the new recreational facility at Lourdes University. Pushing back through Lourdes, Froman lost a Yak Track while walking through 3″ of snow; Brita seriously questioned how the product could be worth a damn, Froman stated they were his wife’s and he had no idea, and they laughed out loud. Brute has been back with the PAX as of late after stepping away to be of service to his M and the newest Brute addition, baby June, Mayors oldest daughter has some exciting decisions to make as she embarks on a new journey to college.
    Crossing the railroad tracks and seeing their destination in site the PAX circled up, completed there last set of the Merkin, and in honor of Stark and Bourbon did 15 burpees in cadence. Side by side the Ruck was completed and conquered, and we are better versions of ourselves today for it. Moving right into the COT, count-a-rama produced 24 PAX and our warrior Pixar was the “learn about the Six”, name-a-rama with no FNG’s. Pixar described that an individual stalked him and even went as far as to call him personally, which Pix stated he did not want to answer the phone, but did. From that one small action F3 has revolutionized his life, he got his name due to the cartoon illustration company he owns and operates, had 2-3 friends which has now blossomed into 36, 46, 56 brothers (not sure where he gets his arbitrary numbers) he can grab lunch or a drink with (kept referencing drinking), and that his gratitude from picking up the phone could not be put into words…All this is very surprising, because it turns out the colonel was on the other end of that call. Intentions for baby June, Maters daughter Katie, Mayors family, Bluto and his family, Kitty’s uncle, Mickey expressed ACL injuries that turn into something else–Brita had no idea what he was talking about, and as always the gratitude for our troops–veterans, active, and our fallen that give the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and ask nothing in return. YHC, it was an honor!



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