Harroun Park (Ruckus)

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Date(s) - 01/30/2018
5:15 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Klinger and Brita

Harroun Park

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  1. Mater
    Mater says:

    DATE: 1/30/18
    COUNT: 19 brave PAX posted in the 14 degree gloom this morning
    QIC: Android and Mater
    PAX POSTING: Sipe, Colonel, Mickey, Klinger, Danica, Trapaze, Hustle, Froman, Worm, Jimmy Dean, Wake, Brute, Ollie, John Henry, Trinity, Cousteau, uh…Rihanna, Mater, Android

    The core principles of F3 were eloquently recited by Mater. Then the PAX were reminded that they are there at their own risk. No one is forcing you to be there, especially if you HC then switch to another AO even though it is a brothers VQ.

    Warmups commenced with Mater leading 20 SSH, followed by 40 flutter kicks while holding your ruck in the air, followed by 10 of what we can only call the “Android” (no one is quite sure why, it just is). The Android consists of a squat while holding your ruck, then a curl with your ruck, then a shoulder press with your ruck to a 6 count. YHC wanted to continue with the beatdown but time was wasting and people get salty when we run over time so the Q was handed off to Android to lead us on a ruck. The PAX were reminded that as HIM’s we need to look out for our community and pick up any trash or items strewn along the route.

    The Thang:

    The ruck commenced with Android proudly leading the PAX with the shovel flag at a reasonable 16 minute per mile pace from Haroun Park south along Main Street. The route turned along Convent then into Lourdes College (or is it university?? Who really knows??)

    Upon turning into Lourdes, the PAX noticed some items along the side of the road. Two 40 lb. sandbags were picked up and carried. Android continued the ruck through Lourdes College where we found two 70+ lb. logs that were picked up.

    The route continued through Lourdes where a few more items were found (two 60 lb. sandbags and two cinder blocks). At the half way point, at the intersection of Lourdes and Convent, the PAX had collected two 40 lb. sandbags, two 60 lb. sandbags, two 70+ lb. logs and two cinder blocks. Let it be noted that work needs to be done on passing the coupons lest we get accosted by a Cadre at the GrowRuck.

    The route continued south of Convent through the neighborhoods to Brint back to the Lourdes path between Brint and Convent. The PAX were stopped every 3-4 minutes to switch the coupons. Those without coupons did 10 merkins at the changes.

    The ruck proceeded back to Haroun Park from Lourdes. The stats: Android led us on a 3 mile ruck at a 16:25 minute per mile pace with 8 coupons and merkins with packs. Definitely no walk in the park.

    Ended with NOR, COR, COT. Prayers were offered for Mickey’s mother-in-law and Android lead us in a closing prayer. Thanks to all who posted. It was an honor for Android and YHC to lead this fine group of PAX.


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