Harroun Park (Ruckus)

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Date(s) - 03/13/2018
5:15 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Klinger and Brita

Harroun Park

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  1. Froman
    Froman says:

    The Ruckus
    “Ruck Me Amadeus”
    3/13/2018 5:15-6:15 AM

    QIC- Froman

    Conditions – Dark and Cold, 27 degrees

    The PAX
    Oscar Mayer (FNG) Aaron Fry
    Jimmy Dean

    27 PAX circled up for a prompt start at 5:15 AM. YHC covered a brief rundown of the 3 F’s, the 5 principles, and the disclaimer. Aaron Fry was welcomed as an FNG.

    The Thang
    The PAX were asked to pair up, and to stay with that partner the entire ruck. Various coupons were sent to the front of the formation, and we headed east into Harroun Park. About 100 yards into the park, YHC noticed some extra coupons at the side of the path. Yessss! an opportunity for some more good livin’ The PAX grabbed 2 logs and we continued through Harroun Park. (In retrospect, we could have grabbed a few more, as we had a big group)

    Making our way out of Harroun Park, we crossed Harroun Road to make our way towards Flower Hospital. YHC had his full attention of getting the PAX safely across the street, and failed to give clear direction to the lead ruckers, who went left instead of right. We quickly regrouped, but not before Colonel voiced his displeasure in YHC’s leadership abilities.

    Somewhat teary eyed, but still composed, YHC ordered those PAX without a coupon to pass their ruck to their partner on their right, and then sprint to the end of the road within Flower Hospital’s parking lot., Once we regrouped, we entered the parking structure and proceeded to wind up the ramps, rotating coupons each level. At this point, the flag was handed off to Wake (thanks Wake), with instructions for the next leg. YHC dropped into formation for a rotation the good livin’.

    When we reached the top level, Wake planted the flag securely, and the PAX lined up for some ruck PT. 20 4-count SSH IC, followed by 7 Ruck Burpees IC.

    Gathering up the coupons, we made our way back down the parking decks and proceeded to the NE corner of the hospital property and onto the walking path that borders US 23. The PAX emerged from the wooded path and exited the hospital grounds. At this point, we doubled back down Harroun Road and made our way back through Harroun Park. As we scaled the last hill, we ditched the log coupons back where we found them, to be used in future rucks.

    We had a Countorama of 27 PAX, clearly a sign of the excitement for the upcoming GrowRuck009! Protocol was explained to the FNG, and we proceeded with the Nameorama. Aaron Fry was brought into the COT, and after a brief autobiography was knighted “Oscar Mayer”.

    Elena then took center circle, and had some great words as we got to know the “6”. Elena was EH’d by Hedgehog and also works with Oscar Mayer. Elena said he was looking for something other than the gyms that want $1,000/month and promise to get you in shape. (F3 is probably at least 25% cheaper than that.) he said it’s tough to get up so early, but he enjoys the group more and more with each post. he likened our group to the brotherhood they have in the fire house, sayin that he would run blindly into a fire behind Oscar Mayer, and he sees that same brotherhood amongst us.

    YHC closed it out with a brief prayer. There were many intentions, and although not ignored, I do apologize for not remembering all of them. YHC then shared something from the Confirmation Mass at Rosary Cathedral this past Sunday. Bishop Thomas spoke about last Sunday being the halfway point of the lent season. He compared it to halftime at a game, when the team goes to the locker room and regroups. Many of us trip up on the things we try to give up or change for lent, and then it is easy to give up on those things. Since it is now half time, go to the locker room and regroup. it’s the second half, so start over and do it better this time.

    Thank you for the opportunity to once again lead this fine group of friends!


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