Harroun Park (Ruckus)

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Date(s) - 03/20/2018
5:15 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Klinger and Brita

Harroun Park

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  1. Cris "Wake" Rupp
    Cris "Wake" Rupp says:

    The Ruckus 3/20/18

    QIC: Wake
    PAX: Brute, Honeymoon, Kitty, Jimmy Dean, Froman, Wiggum, Mater, Mickey, Oscar Meyer, Animal, Colonel, Hedgehog, Nails, Sipe, Splinter, Hustle, Bluto, Ticket, Worm, Brita, Ogre

    22 men came out to the Ruckus to help Move Heavy Stuff. A barn beam, 55lb dumbbells, 50lb dumbbells, 20lb dumbbells, numerous sandbags of varying weights and rucksacks were all items that needed to be carried.

    After taking a moment to display our mathematical prowess by dividing up into four groups of similar height, each group grabbed some coupons. There were a few in each group without a coupon at all times. Those without were instructed to monitor their group and assist when necessary.

    We moved as a group toward Faith Hill with a brief pause at the fire station to rotate group coupons. The challenge here was to keep all coupons off the ground and transfer without putting anything down.

    When we arrived at the base of the hill, coupons were placed on the ground. Brief instructions were given that we would make four trips up and down the hill with all coupons. PAX who did not have a coupon remained at the bottom of the hill and completed PT. Thanks to those PAX who lead the PT so YHC could rotate in to carry coupons.

    After climbing the hill, the four groups became two groups. Both groups formed a plank tunnel and each PAX army crawled under the plank tunnel. Upon completion, the PAX circled up and worked briefly on quickly rotating their rucksacks from back to front and front to back like the Cadre had us do in Cinci.

    The PAX then returned to the start point with a challenge to farmer carry the heavy dumbbells. As we did on our way, we stopped to trade coupons at the fire station.

    A final core core activity in the parking lot was completed by having the PAX sit circled, feet toward the center. YHC pulled every other rucksack out of the circle and we passed the rucksacks both clockwise and counterclockwise in the American Hammer position. As the rucksacks were passed, a few comments were made about the varying weights within a couple rucksacks. One rucksack was a bit on the light side…

    We ended in a COT, got to know Wiggum as the 6, and prayed for the following requests. Thanks for showing up, and a special thanks to those who I was able to assign brief tasks of leadership (flag bearing and PT leaders) while I participated with my group.

    Prayer Requests:
    Pixar to Orlando for business venture
    Hedgehog’s nurse friend
    Splinter’s grandma in the hospital
    Gap’s elbow
    Neighbor, Dan fighting cancer


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