Harroun Park (Ruckus)

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Date(s) - 04/17/2018
5:15 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Klinger and Brita

Harroun Park

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  1. jared
    jared says:

    QIC: Colonel
    Pax (20):
    Stamper, Mayor, Ticket, Oscar Mayer, Ogre, Mickey, Splinter, Mater, Klinger, Cousteau, Gadget, Android, Elena, Hedgehog, Norwood, Andy Roth (Beaker), Froman, Ollie, Brute, Sunshine, and Nails

    Weather: Snowy, windy, 30 degrees and very unspring like

    The Thang:
    YHC started right on time as it struck 0515 (and noticed Brita, the man that is never late or sleeping in – evidently fartsacked…).
    With FNG – Mr. Roth – forever known as Beaker moving forward b/c he’s a Chemistry Teacher at Northview – YHC stated core principles directed to him and let him know that if he doesn’t like this workout/ruck to post to more b/c every one is different and YHC is definitely not a professional – which was proven….
    With 7 pax present that did not HC on GM YHC quickly realized his goal of partnering pax up strategically beforehand was futile as was the goal of having every one have 40-60 lbs of coupon weight on them the entire 1 hour ruck…
    Quick audible and partnered pax up as quick as possible and had pax get coupons loaded up and rolled out so as to not waste any more time.
    Rucked towards Northview/Faith HIll/Mt. Doom with coupons switching (if there was only 1 per partner team) .33 miles in. At The Hill had pax drop coupons and run ruck the hill and then repeato run ruck again. All did great, some were silent objectors and refused to run…. After run YHC mentioned the correct way to pronounce Esse Quam Videria (Essay Kwam Wee-day-ra) so YHC would say it correct and we would know as a pax since its the Growruck motto. Asked pax to think about what To Be, Rather than to Seem means to them…
    Rucked through Sleepy Hollow and turned right on Erie. Rucked down Parkwood and up Fairview hitting mile #2. B/w Mile 2 and 3 YHC had pax that didn’t have coupons lose strap privileges since that is evidently something that could happen at Growruck and we all need to realize the aesthetic value of the paracord (Mickey). Went Through Burnham Park (Old Boiler AO that was short lived, sad). Back on Erie with right turn onto Main Street. At Monroe intersection pax thought we were headed back to start and YHC decided we had time to get through Harroun Park and hit the Hill – Q was wrong on the time. Right about the time YHC realized we would be a couple minutes past 6:15 The Mickey was commenting on the need for a group picture on the bridge at Harroun and took a hard Dauber-esque fall (60 lb coupon and all). Luckily The Mickey laughed it off and slipped without any notable bodily harm.
    YHC got the pax back at 0617, 2 minutes past the 0615 start and before COT, the 6 and naming the new FNG. YHC was frustrated with the late return but alas got through the COR, NOR and Mr. Roth, who was EH’d by Brute got the nickname Beaker due to his profession of being a chemistry teacher at Northview High School.
    Final Tally was 11 coupons in total ranging from 25 lb med ball as 1 and 10 sandbags weighing 40-60 lbs. Pax rucked 3.21 miles at 17:45 pace – not bad for 20 pax and majority under coupons the entire 57 minutes.
    YHC took us out with Prayers to live the EQV motto and Be the men we claim we are and strive to be every day.

    Weather was great, for January…
    Thanks to Froman and Splinter for bringing their sandbags as well as Hedgehog who went the extra mile and gathered up 6 sandbags.
    Mater is the new Ruck beast as he had a coupon that weighted ~187 lbs and he refused to give it up for the entire route – respect and quite literally unbelievable. Mater’s prowess was relived throughout the day on GroupMe for all to behold. Again Respect….
    Respect to Brute and Mickey for having coupons for the entire route – swapping a 40 and 60 lb sandbag
    Respect to FNG Beaker
    Respect to Droid for posting with the pax and crushing the ruck in the gloom – great to have you back out with the pax!
    Thank you for opportunity to lead and apologies for the tardy return.


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