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Date(s) - 09/18/2018
5:15 am - 6:15 am

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Harroun Park



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  1. Klinger
    Klinger says:

    9/18/18 Ruckus Backblast

    PAX: The Colonel, El Chapo, Ollie, Trinity, Froman (Respect), Mickey, John Henry, Beaker, Jimmy Dean, Brute, Brita, Splinter, Bluto, Minnie, Wake
    QIC: Klinger

    16 PAX braved the gloom and showed up ready to ruck. YHC went over the 5 core principles and a brief disclaimer. A brief (unless you ask El Chapo apparently) explanation of YHC’s opinion on what the Ruckus should be was followed by a quick demonstration of the proper respect that should be shown to the flag as it’s being carried on the ruck.

    With that, the PAX set off heading North on Main St. We made our way to Northview High School and walked all the way around to the back of the school. From there, we took the cut through to the Sleepy Hollow neighborhood. We had completed 1 mile at this point in 14:37. To celebrate PAX performed 10 merkins with rucks on. We continued through Sleepy Hollow and then headed East on Erie St. We passed by Plummer Pool and hit our 2 mile point in 14:16. To celebrate PAX performed 15 squats with rucks on. A few PAX were concerned about the soreness in their legs from yesterday’s tough beatdowns, so they were instructed to only do 10. I believe Mickey pushed through the pain and actually did 11. No quit in that guy! We continued East and then turned South on Main St. and made our way through downtown. We passed by a couple ladies out rucking their dogs, but they didn’t seem to be too impressed with our pace or our friendliness. Maybe some potential FIA members?? We pressed on despite the hurt feelings, and turned left on Monroe. From there, we headed down into Harroun Park and followed 10 Mile Creek to Harroun Rd. This was our 3 mile point (completed in 14:14) so we performed 10 overhead ruck presses to celebrate.

    At this point, YHC asked the PAX if everyone knew how to get back to the top parking lot. Nobody spoke up, so YHC told the PAX that they were on their own to make it back there as fast as they could. If they wanted to push their pace, they were welcome to do so. YHC maintained a similar pace to the previous miles to serve as a guide. Immediately, Brita, El Chapo, and Mickey made a B line down the path. Unfortunately, due to a navigational error, they ended up turning down a path that leads nowhere. Trinity and Splinter saw this as an opportunity to get to the top first, and so they began picking up their pace and disappeared into the shadows of the path. After what seemed to be a bit too long, the 3 lost ruckers came running by in pursuit of the challengers. Not sure who actually made it to the top first, but I would guess the opportunists.

    Once all PAX were at the top, we circled up and began the COT. Countorama was followed by Nameorama. Mickey was the 6 and gave a heartfelt account of how important F3 is to him and so many people in our PAX. Announcements were made about the September Ruck event on Saturday and Cherry Street breakfast on this coming Sunday. Prayer intentions were heard, and YHC closed things in the BOM.

    Appreciate the effort put in!! We covered 3.5 miles in 50:02, for an average pace of 14:16. That’s rucking!!

    Keep posting!


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