Harroun Park Ruck

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Date(s) - 09/25/2018
5:15 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Harroun Park



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  1. Brita
    Brita says:

    PAX— mailman Froman Scrooge bluto Modell Elena billy bob Belding hustle Minnie Splinter wake Klinger deac Colonel

    Q— Brita

    We rucked 14/mi, with constant complaining that the Q was moving too fast. There were several PT stops to allow the 6 to catch up. We rucked to the Toledo Memorial and politely trespassed in order to make it back to the 9/11 tribute. We stopped for a brief explanation of what it represents, followed by a moment of silence. The ruck continued with Klinger scolding Splinter for using his headlamp in the pitch dark. The scolding was definitely warranted. More PT for the 6 followed by a loop back to the Veterans Memorial for another moment of silence. Rucked back to the step off point and received a call from colonel to inform the Q that he broke rank and decided to do his own agenda, while somehow thinking it was the Q’s responsibility to coddle him. He was wrong.


    Explained that it is the responsibility of the Q to make the PAX better. It is not the Q’s job to slow the entirety of the group down to the weakest link. But rather to lead by exposing the chink and repairing it with the help of the PAX.

    No idea who the 6 was.



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