Harroun Park (Run)

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Date(s) - 06/12/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Harroun Park



3-5 Mile run with your F3 Brothers

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  1. Tyson Stoll
    Tyson Stoll says:

    What’s that? Fartleks you say?
    QIC: Hacksaw
    PAX: Ollie, Hedgehog, Brute, Mater, Rose, Kitty, Mickey, Splinter, Springs, Colonel, Brita, MIA – Pinball for the fartsack.
    AO: At Ant Hill/Wildwood and not Harroun Park

    12 PAX gathered at the Ant Hill felling farty (no sorry, felling Fartlek, yes Fartlek that is it) Colonel was felling extra farty as he was coming in way too hot being two minutes late and without shoes and socks. (The Q wonders how he got out of the house that way?). There was some mumble chatter about how this was going to hurt as the beatdown plan was already posted for the Fartlek plan. While Colonel slipped on his shoes, the 5 core principles and extensive disclaimer was shared.

    A quick run of 3 minutes into Wildwood at a moderate pace started. Some of the PAX thought that the beatdown had already begun and was confused when we stopped for a 2 minute stretch. Mumble chatter ensued to the point that the Q almost lost control with 10 seconds left to explain the Thang.

    The Thang:
    Fartlek which means “speed play” in Swedish, is a training method that blends continuous training with interval training. Fartlek runs are a very simple form of a long distance run. Fartlek training “is simply defined as periods of fast running intermixed with periods of slower running.

    30 minutes on the clock. 1 minute sprint as hard as you can, 1 minute jog recovery, for 15 cycles.

    We ran through Wildwood from the red loop through the stable, behind the Stranahan house (Colonel decided to take the stairs), behind the house to the bridge crossing and taking a right turn toward Central ave at the front of the park (deer were spotted laughing at us at this point), around the playground area and back out on the red trail back to Ant Hill. All told a little over 4 miles was traversed with roughly 2+ miles on a dead sprint. Everyone was quite winded coming back to Ant Hill, but one final challenge was given much to Hedgehog’s disagreement. Sprint a lap around Arbor Hills school as fast a possible to go back to the flag. Not all PAX seemed to enjoy this last challenge and a trot was more commonly observed, but a very good way to start the day was had by all.

    We circled back up to the parking lot for COT, Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, Get to know the 6. Kitty was the 6 and shared with us his F3 journey and how much F3 meant to him along with giving Brita props for his 6 yesterday.

    Prayer Intentions for Brita’s mother in law
    Mater’s neighbor Brian Goodnow
    Kitty’s grandmother into extended care
    Ollie friend had a Heart attack
    Hedgehog for the wounded warriors
    Ros’se wife
    Riley family’s
    Thanks to have this freedom and allowance for prayer to be had.

    -The Colonel needs made props for consistently out pacing the PAX on every sprint even if he didn’t have his shoe laces tied at the start of the workout, followed closely by the Mickey. Strong HIM’s for sure!
    – Brute and Rose did a great job of grinding through!
    – Colonel suggested that this interval training be started on Friday’s at 5 AM. The PAX seemed somewhat hesitant after going through the grind this AM, but I am sure they will warm up to the idea now that they have recovered.
    – Stretching was also suggested with ROMWOD being thrown out as an idea which would be a solid for the +40 year old somethings. RESPECT!
    – Mater stated that he hadn’t done this type of training since working toward a half marathon.

    It was a great way to start the morning and a very efficient way to get a solid RAK run in. Thanks for the opportunity men, an honor and a pleasure as always.



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