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Date(s) - 10/07/2017
6:30 am - 7:30 am

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  1. Jared Helton
    Jared Helton says:

    DATE: 10/7/17
    Count – 18
    Q: Colonel
    Pax present Brita, FNG Alex Hudak (Romano’s Bro that promises to post in Orlando where he resides – forever known as Bullwinkle), Nails, Rocko, Gap, Glitch, Dauber, Splinter, H2, the Mickey, Stamper, Dos Equis, MaryLou, Coors, Hustle, Romano, Inky

    The Thang:
    After laying out the principles of F3 I was quickly reminded by Brita that I am not a professional…. Thus starting the warm-up and after a flawless cadence of SSH and some deep squat stretches I quickly proved the non-proffesional tag to be true by poorly explaining the waterfall Inchworm Merkin to Squat going 7 down to 1. Mickey was flabbergasted that Colonel could squat so fast and thought 7 = 15… The pax did the waterfall properly despite the Q’s confusion.
    Quick run around the beautiful Close Park AO (~.5 miles) and across park to playground.
    PT Test for Pax:
    2 mins max rep merkins followed by 2 mins max reps squats followed by 2 mins max reps pull-ups.
    Mosey over to shovel flag and count off the 18 men into 3 groups.

    Group 1: 1 pax takes 25 lb med ball and did med ball slams (med ball overhead and slam it to blacktop while going into squat and grabbing it on the 1st bounce) while the rest of the pax planks. when finished next man up and pax doing med ball slams does 5 squats, 10 merkins and 10 mtn climbers and then planks rest of time until they are up again for a repeato…. Med Ball group kept the time for all 3 stations and no rotation until each pax member went through twice – roughly 15 mins.
    Group 2: Pax lined up and did 5 Hurpees (hand release burpees) then frog jump ~60 yards, 5 more Hurries and Lunge back to start, 5 Hurpees, Frog Jump down, repeato until time to rotate = Super Fun Hurpee/Frog Jump/Lunge time…. Found out Hustle loves Hurpees…
    Group 3: Bear Crawl ~50 yards but pulling a sandbag or rucksack through your legs and in front the entire way alternating hands. Rucksacks weighed b/w 35-60 lbs. Once reached 50 yards do 25 squats with the sandbag/rucksack. Reverse Bear Crawl back pulling the weight through gain alternating hands, 25 squats with rucksack, repeato until time to rotate.
    All pax performed 20 partner patty cake merkins while the final man finished his ball slams….
    I had more fun planned but the ball slams took about 3 mins longer than anticipated cutting out what was to be one of the pax favorites – Jack Web and some partner 7’s…
    18 total pax with Inky having to bolt around 7-ish. Romano’s brother posted and was given the nickname Bullwinkle and promised to represent F3Toledo in Orlando with that F3 pax.

    Important to Note — Toledo’s finest – PoPo made a trip to see what the heck was going on since I gave Mickey the green light to elevate the mumble chatter. Shockingly he did and the local police got a call about a excessive noise. Thankfully Romano handled it well and thinks that the cop has a criminal past since he looked like the description Bluto gave that stole his bike from Close Park some 25+ years ago…

    Prayer intentions — Donna (Coors), All of the F3Toledo pax and growth of Toledo AO (Stamper), All those impacted by Cancer (Brita and others), that we all work to be the best father, brother, son, husband we can be!

    Brita brought up an excellent point that we all need to focus more on the importance of our shovel flags, calling out its importance and respecting what it means at each AO – All pax agreed and all of us need to insure we have shovel flags present at all beatdowns and verbally recognize its importance for all of us in these crazy times. I also implored the Toledo pax members that are posting at Close Park to try an find a way to post in Perrysburg or Sylvania throughout the week to get stronger and closer to their F3Toledo brothers and work towards a weekday AO in their area of town.
    Next Week – 6:15 am start in Perrysburg with convergence of all F3Toledo AO’s with our Perrysburg brothers – rumor has it is going to be horrible/fun/algae-filled…
    October 28th – Convergence in Sylvania area with Dark Helmet from Charlotte area coming up to run a Q school after he leads us in a beatdown – hoping we have 70+ to greet him and learn from his years of F3 experience!

    If you haven’t made it yet – go and support Romano and the crew posting regularly at Close Park b/w now and Thanksgiving and make a point to reach out to the Toledo pax at the2 convergences in October!

    Honored to lead this pax of 18 at Close Park in the gloom today….


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