Saturdays at Close Park Toledo

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Date(s) - 11/18/2017
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Q:

Close Park



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  1. Matt Yarder
    Matt Yarder says:

    QIC – Stark

    PAX – Cobra, Glitch, Modell, Meatloaf, Gap, Ramano, Dauber, FNGs Mike “Rube” Mason, Cody “Struxture” Sellers

    Cadence – SSH, Potato Pickers With Fly, Seal Jacks, windmills, High Knees, flutter kicks

    8 point Body Builders

    Cobra lead another set of SSH while Q had to work on technical difficulties with speaker.

    Bodies hit the Floor – Hold Squat, on singer l’s count “1 nothing wrong with me, 2 nothing wrong with me, 3, 4 do deep squats, then at chorus “let the bodies hit the Floor” Burpees.

    “Born for Greatness” – Papa Roach
    4 minute Ladder up – Burpee, kick through, scorpion push up.

    Centurion – Start with 3 shovel flags, cones or other distance markers with first two 50 yards apart in a line, the last another 10 yards past. 2 PAX partner workout. At starting point first partner, performs
    100 SSH’s while second PAX sprints to 2nd point, then crab walk to 3rd point. Sprint back to start. Once finished start on next set of 100 rep…
    100 Merkins
    100 Supermans
    100 LBC’s
    100 Squat Jack’s
    100 Mountain Climber
    100 Down Dog Push Up
    100 Good Mornings
    100 Flutter Kicks
    100 Push Kicks

    Ring of Fire
    Round 1 – Reverse Plank Hold, 1 Pax Burpee ring bell, back to center.

    End with 36 bonus birthday Burpees for Stark.
    Count-O-rama, Name-O-rama, BOM
    It was a pleasure leading this new AO. With studs like Gap, Meatloaf, Model, Duaber, Glitch, and Romano leading the PAX here this site is going to explode soon. F3 Toledo keeps brining it no matter where we plant the shovel flag ABH!


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