Saturdays at Close Park Toledo

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Date(s) - 12/16/2017
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Q:

Close Park



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  1. Dauber
    Dauber says:

    61 wandering nomads gathered at the Oasis to partake of its cool waters on this glorious Saturday morning. It was a toasty 31′ as the PAX moseyed over to the shovel flag to hear Romano introduce the F3 principles and verbalize the waiver to our FNGs as he dodged snowballs. YHC led us on some SSH (IC) Romano demo’d the split jump (bushwhacker), and Gap demo’d the plank walk merkin ( which YHC would like to coin “the devil’s merkin”)

    PAX was split into 4 groups and then the fun began. Between each station groups returned to pay homage to the flag by completing 10 cool down burpies

    -Pairs of 2 for a relay race

    -One partner completes reps

    -Other partner goes down and back

    Exercises with reps:
    -Split Jumps 100 (1 is 1)
    -X Squats 200
    – Side Lunge 300 (R is 1, L is 2)
    -Squat Hold until all are done

    Down and Back:
    Frog Jumps/Bounding (2 each)
    Power Skips (2 each)
    Sprints (the remainder of the reps)

    Complete as a group.

    100 PULL-UPS

    150 VSA – Vertical Snow Angels

    100 DIPS

    30 Ea. – American Hammers (Right Then Left Equals 1)
    Bear Crawl to the Opposite Cone
    30 Ea. – Merkin –> Plank Walk Right –> Merkin –> Plank Walk Left = 1
    Bear Crawl Back
    30 Ea. – Flutter Kicks (Left then Right equals 1)
    Bear Crawl to the Opposite Cone
    30 Ea. -Mountain Climbers (Right then Left equals 1)
    Bear Crawl Back
    30 Ea. – Full Situps (Stretch out and touch those toes!)
    Bear Crawl to the Opposite Cone
    30 Ea. – Inchworm –> Merkin -> Back


    Cone 1 – Single leg deadlift (LEFT THAN RIGHT)

    Carioca through next cone

    Cone 2 – Diamond Merkins

    Backpedal through next cone

    Cone 3 – Crunchy Frog/ Soggy Tadpole

    Start with 5 reps, then 6,7,…15 or as time permits ”

    PAX gathered at flag to end the beatdown with 10 burpees IC led by the vocal stylings of Stark

    Quad Qs – Romano, Glitch, Gap, Dauber,
    The Nomads -Tots, Rooster, 2Pac, Buttermaker, Bourbon, Stark, Moana, Bambi, Mr. Bean, Jennay, Sunshine, Woodstock, Mickey, Animal, Ronda, Cogsworth, Mayor, Pixar, Rocko, Goose, Venom, Mother Rucker, Nails, El Chapo, Brita, Colonel, Froman, Mailman, Sideshow, Balco, Cabbage, Poodle, Mr. Belding, Klinger, Worm, Bluto, Jimmy Dean, Mater, Inky, Meatloaf, Ozzie, Mary Lou, Wake, Sipe, Mercy, Scrooge, Splinter, John Henry, Trapeze, Rose. – Editors note – video stopped halfway through name-o-rama so if I missed you I apologize.

    Welcomed 5 FNGs into the fold today:
    Rihanna, Lohan, Hornacek (Horny), Android, and Dirty

    BOM – prayers for Colt DelVerne, Lauren, thanks for Romano’s wife recovery, Mary Lou’s little boy. Remember we reap what we sow – so be thoughtful before action.

    It was an honor sharing the Q with Romano, Glitch, and Gap. I mean Romano – everybody loves that guy, Glitch just gets after it with his quiet consistency, and Gap is one of the most positive guys I have ever come across. What really blew us away was that 61 guys posted – we were expecting half that. The Oasis appreciates the support.


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