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Date(s) - 12/23/2017
6:30 am - 7:30 am

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    Q: Modell
    9 PAX posted at The Oasis AO @ Close Park in Toledo: Romano, Meatloaf, Gap, Dauber, Glitch, Rocko, Dijon, Mother Rucker, Modell
    Workout: An Oasis of Christmas Coupons
    • OYO stretching. Kicked off with the five, F3 principles and gave an overview of the morning’s workout.

    • 1 lap around the park to warm up

    • 3 Piece Combo Coupon – each PAX rotates to three stations performing the exercises below. Side straddle hops performed continuously when not performing exercise as 1 of 3 stations.
    – (20) Cinderblock Merkins – merkins performed with hands and feet resting on cinderblocks. Dip as low as you can on the down motion.
    – (15) 6 pack Big Boy Sit Ups – big boy sit ups performed with a 6 pack of bricks in hand
    – (10) Santa’s sleigh Mercedes bench press reps – bench press a red Mercedes Benz power wheel with (2) 15 lb. dumbbells inside

    • Coupon Share-A-Thon – Each PAX brings their favorite coupon from home to the starting line and runs to end of field with coupon in hand, performing 25 LBCs at end of the field. Pass coupon to PAX to the right and run to the other end of the field with coupon in hand, performing 15 plank jacks at end of the field. Repeat until each PAX has run with every coupon for a total of 9 coupon sprints, 225 LBCs and 135 plank jacks. Coupons included cinder blocks, sledge hammer, 30-40 lb. sandbag, bag of horse meal, ruck sacks, etc.

    • Jungle Gym Hot Potato – as snow started falling, conditions became to slick and exercise was changed to Core Coupon Pass + Merkins. Every PAX on their 6 sitting shoulder to shoulder, legs lifted and passing the 6 Pack coupon (6 duct taped bricks) from PAX to PAX. Merkins performed after.
    – Round 1 – 6 Pack coupon passed up and down the line 9x + 25 diamond merkins
    – Round 2 – 6 Pack coupon passed up and down the line 10x + 30 standard merkins

    • Triangle Dash (modified Bearmuda Triangle) – 3 cones about 20-30 yards apart in shape of triangle. PAX sprinted, side-shuffled, or back-peddled to each cone performing 5 reps of an exercise of the choosing of one man at each cone. This was done 9x.

    • Couponamo/Blocktanamo (Guantanamo except standing with coupons in hand and each PAX takes a turn slapping coupon in hand of each member of the PAX). Performed 3x.

    – COT: ended in a circle of trust with praises given for the men of F3 and our impact on the life of each man in the PAX, prayers for patience during the holiday season, Colt & the DelVerne family, “Mother Rucker’s” father, and helping us to be light in our world.

    Thanks for the opportunity to Q!
    – “Modell”


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