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Date(s) - 12/30/2017
6:30 am - 7:30 am

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    Q: Meatloaf
    9 PAX posted at The Oasis AO @ Close Park in Toledo: Romano, Meatloaf, Gap, Dauber, Glitch, Rocko, Dijon, Nalla, Modell
    Workout: Shake Off 2017
    • Kicked off with the five, F3 principles, the Mission and gave an overview of the morning’s workout.
    • Warm-Up: side straddle hops, windmills and run one lap

    •1st Workout: Half Murph at the playground
    -Group split in 2, group of 4 and 5
    -100 pull-ups
    -150 push-ups
    -200 squats
    -The groups worked together to complete the workout, taking turns as a team knocking out the reps, while at the playground.

    Run a lap.

    • 2nd Workout: 10’s: in the open field
    -Partner Workout
    -There are cones roughly 30 yards apart from each other. Each person will individually start at one end of the cones, completing 10 workout moves. In the beginning, each person does 10 Heel-Ups and 0 burpees. As you go on, each end will transition towards more burpees, 10-0, 9-1… 0-10. As you go from one end to the other, this is where the partner workout is incorporated. You will take turns doing partner carries, whatever style you wish. Since this is you vs. you, and there was a lot of snow, if you could not carry your partner the whole way, bear crawl the remaining distance. If you are alone or an odd amount, bear crawl the whole way.

    • Third Workout: Interval Paradise: We stood in a circle around our flag
    -(5) 40 second spurts of a specific workout
    -Directly after the break is a 10 second Al Gore
    -Reposition for 3 seconds and begin the next workout
    1. Burpees
    2. Plank Jacks
    3. Jumping Squats
    4. Imperial Walkers
    5. Monkey Humpers

    • Final Workout: Abs around the flag
    -Each person chose a 5 count ab workout, to wrap up the time with getting some rockin six packs!
    -Some of the sets we did were: Flutter Kicks, American Hammer, Bicycles, V Ups, Glitch Up’s (a really stretched out sit up), and Obliques.

    – COT: ended in a circle of trust with praises given for the men of F3 and our impact on the life of each man in the PAX, prayers for those going through a tough time during the cold season, Praise to Romano for being married for 6 years.

    Thanks for the opportunity to Q, looking forward to more beatdowns!

    – “Meatloaf”


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