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Date(s) - 10/22/2017
6:00 am - 6:45 am

The Q:
Sipe and Nails

Southview High School



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  1. Sipe
    Sipe says:

    5 Paxs Kitty, Nails, Wake, Sipe, & the return of Splinter posted this AM.

    First we did a weighted farmers walk with various weights from the parking lot to the bleachers.

    We split into two groups while one group did a lap around the track the other group did various exercises with weights – 10 reps each then the groups would switch. The weighted exercises were:

    Bench press 40lbs
    Underhand row 35 lbs
    One arm row 30 lbs
    Flys 25 lbs
    Curls 20 lbs
    Triceps lifts 15 lbs
    Six way shoulders 10 lbs

    Weighted farmers walk back to parking lot. One round of abs – 5 different exercises.

    Ended with prayer for patience.


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