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Date(s) - 01/07/2018
6:00 am - 6:45 am

The Q:
Sipe and Nails

Southview High School



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  1. Klinger
    Klinger says:

    1/7/18 Pre-Beatdown Ruckus
    Q – Klinger
    PAX – The Colonel, Splinter, Gap, Klinger

    A late night invite was sent out for an early morning pre-beatdown ruck. 4 hardened ruckers answered the call and posted on this cold, windy morning. The Colonel and YHC met at the corner at 0500 and made our way down King Rd – we were also met by a stiff headwind! Just as YHC’s face was about to freeze over, we made the turn onto Sylvania Ave and got a brief respite. A quick look at the watch let YHC know that we were not going to make our rendezvous time with the other PAX waiting for us at The Fuse. The Colonel responded with, “Well then, let’s move.” A double time ensued, and we were happy to see Splinter and Gap making there way North out of the parking lot. We kept moving East on Sylvania Ave while discussing the core principles of F3. Turning South on McCord Rd, we again battled the nasty headwind, but came out victorious and found comfort on the bike path. We cruised West and had a long discussion about differences in the church services we have attended. As we passed by Pixar’s AO, we briefly discussed throwing rocks or maybe snowballs! We made it to King Rd and turned North, rucking all the way to Cougar Lane and ultimately back to the parking lot of the Fuse. We were warmly greeted by PAX arriving for the beatdown, and in short order commenced the COT. The Colonel made sure that Sideshow did not enter the COT, and therefore not receiving credit for a post that he did not complete! Countorama, Nameorama, and prayer intentions were heard. YHC closed the COT with a prayer.

    We covered 3 miles at a pace of 14:33/mile. Nice work men – glad to see you in the gloom!!


    KENNETH A HUTTON JR "Valdez" says:

    9 pax ventured out this morning to enjoy the last of this beautiful weather before this heat wave sets in. 9 Pax included: Gap, Splinter, Nails, Cogsworth, Side Show, Cousteau, John Henry, Hedgehog, Valdez. -F3 principals. Warmup: 20 SS hops, 10 Merkins. half the Pax Colt 45s other half 50 V ups and 50 flutter kicks. Followed by side shuffle down parking lot and reverse side back to start. 10 Merkins and 10 Spiderman Merkins. 30 partner military press, bear crawl down the parking lot to end of cars and reverse bear crawl back. 15 imperial walks and 15 high knees. 30 up down planks. 2 rounds of Guantanamo. Second round of Colt 45s while other half did imperial walkers and merkins, 15 bicycles, 15 hammer throws. Rest of pax stepped up to fill out my work out with Prisoner lunges down the parking lot 30 squats and lunges back to start. 15 burpees, 50 air press, and last but not least 30 monkey humpers. Our 6th was Sideshow talked about how his hobby of juggling lead to his name was on his 50+ workout with F3 and that Bagel was the one who brought him into the group. Prayers for Bulto’s grandmother, Kitty, the troops, and for those dealing with cancer. Just wanted to say thanks for all you guys helping push myself couldn’t do it without you guys.


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