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Date(s) - 01/21/2018
6:00 am - 6:45 am

The Q:
Sipe and Nails

Southview High School



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  1. Mayor
    Mayor says:

    QIC: Mayor
    PAX: Mayor, Worm, Gap, Sipe, Brita, Sideshow, Jimmy Dean, Mater, Mickey, Klinger, Tupac and Splinter.
    Mayor introduced the day’s theme of “Tribute to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier”. The tomb is located in Washington DC at Arlington Cemetery. The Army has a special unit known as Sentinel Guards that guard the Tomb 24/7 365 since 1937 (every minute of every day for 80 years). The remains of 4 soldiers were buried in the Tomb representing unknown soldiers from WWI, WWII, Korean War and Vietnam War. Fortunatey for his family, the Vietnam soldier was subsequently identified. His family had his body exhumed and buried in his home town.

    Mayor assimilated the beat down to represent the manner in which the Sentinel Guards guard the tomb.
    Warm up with 21 side straddle hops.
    Q: Mayor PAX: Mayor, Worm, Gap, Sipe, Brita, Sideshow, Jimmy Dean, Mater, Mickey, Klinger, Tupac and Splinter. Here’s a video of the real thing…
    With that video in mind, we did the following:
    Align in front of shovel flag (we used our flag to represent the tomb) facing to left. 21 lunges to the left side of the flag. turn to face flag and do 21 Merkins. Turn to right and face along walkway and hold an al gore for 21 seconds. 21 lunges to other side and face flag and do 21 Merkins.
    Mosey to SV flag pole, repeato
    Mosey to credit union flag, repeato
    Mosey to Hustle’s med bldg flag, repeato
    Mosey to Dental office flag and repeato
    Mosey to Library flag, repeato
    Mosey back to SV for name-o-rama.
    Sideshow was the sixth man. He explained that Bagels headlocked him into joining F3. He shared that he can get a workout at the gym but he’s drawn back to this group multiple times per week because of the ability to be so close to a group of men. Prayers were requested for those dealing with abortion and Jimmy Dean shared that his father (a military veteran) passed away 7 years ago and he worked out this morning in his memory. Mayor ended with a prayer. It took a couple of seconds for us to stand back up, especially those that also did the pre-ruck. There was definitely something extra special in the air this morning because nobody wanted to leave. Therefore we decided on an impromptu 2nd F at Barry’s. Thank you to everyone that posted for my beat down, especially Tupac from Pberg. I know some guys posted to support me and I’m humbled. Thank you. We logged a little over 2 miles, 252 Merkins, 252 Lunges and 252 seconds of Al Gores.

  2. Jimmy Dean
    Jimmy Dean says:

    Pre-beatdown ruck

    PAX: Gap, Sipe, Mater, Tupac, Jimmy Dean

    QIC: Jimmy Dean

    We reviewed what F3 stands for and its mission. We went over the core principles before we headed out for our ruck.

    5 men braved the sweltering heat and rucked 3.2 miles along the University Trail. We mixed in a ladder of Prayer Squats totaling 150 reps by the time we finished back in the parking lot.

    We prayed for the intentions kept inside our hearts and prepared ourselves for the beatdown that was to follow. It was great to Q and an honor to lead.


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