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Date(s) - 01/28/2018
6:00 am - 6:45 am

The Q:
Sipe and Nails

Southview High School



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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    QIC: Modell

    12 PAX posted: Gap, Flo, Mayor, Hedgehog, John Henry, Sipe, Nails, Sideshow, Mater, Tupac, Valdez, Modell

    -OYO stretching while I kicked off with F3 principles.

    – Warmup: Counted off by 2s to partner up for the rest of the morning and started with a quick lap around Southview HS.

    – Ab Medley: Broke into 2-man teams to complete 200 “American Hammers”, 250 “Crunchy Frogs”, and 300 “Hundreds”. One man performed the exercise while the other took a run across the parking lot, performing 3 sets of “Absolutions” at the 20 yard marker, 5 “Burpees” at the 50 yard marker, and then running back to switch with his partner and pick up on the exercise where the partner left off. This was repeated until reps of all 3 exercises were done.

    – With time left to spare, the PAX engaged in a game of duck-duck-goose, 1 round of Guantanamo, and 10 sets of Absolutions in cadence.

    – COT: We ended with count-o-rama. Sipe was the 6 and spoke on what F3 meant to him, why he comes out, and how he got his name (He is a Steelers fan and was given his name by members of the Cleveland PAX. Sipe was the last name of a Browns QB in the 70’s… supposedly the last good one, but some begged to differ!) Continued with name-o-rama and ended with prayer requests and intentions for various men in the PAX, their family members, and friends.

    Thanks for the opportunity to lead!

    – Modell

  2. Sipe
    Sipe says:

    This morning at an early 5 AM, 8 Paxs ventured out for 2.56 miles.

    We went from the southview parking lot turned left on Sylvania and left again on King. Then we went left on the bike path went down to pixar’s house turned around and headed up through the woods back to the southview parking lot, did a lap around and then came to an end.

    During the ruck everyone curled 10-25 lb weights.

    We prayed to be leaders and the men we were meant to be.

    The pax were:

    Gap, TuPac, Flo, Hedgehog, Valdez, John Henry, Mater, & Sipe.

    Arms will be sore today but it was an honor.

  3. Brita
    Brita says:

    Black Ops

    Q: Brita

    PAX: Pixar, Tupac, Colonel, Mickey

    5 core principles and the F3 mission statement.

    The Thang: 30 min Beatdown, followed by a 3.3 mi Ruck. Beat down included SSH IC, windmills IC, 25 burpees, Lt. Dans, 10 pull-ups while others do 15 Merkins and then rotate through, mosey Klinger kicks IC, Superman hold position until each PAX counts to some form of 10 (had to be there) then hold rocket man for same counting pattern to 10, Freddy Mercury’s IC. Colonel arrives and Ruck begins. principles restated, flag in tow down the path around the quarry behInd the water tower. Lots of good conversation was had, some concerning and some enlightening. Tupac saw an individual on the non-lit path and attempted to EH…shouting “F3 is free and open to all men”…he was met by the cold shrill of “I’m a woman”. We Rucked on. 5 merkins by Tupac and Brita waiting for Pix, Colonel, Mickey too catch up. Ruck was 3.3 mi/14:40 pace.

    COT: 5 PAX, no FNG’s, due to there not being a “6” all pax summed up what F3 meant to them in 1 word.
    Pix = Friendship
    Tupac = Un-fitness
    Colonel = Thankful
    Mickey = Accountability
    Brita = Leadership

    Appreciate the men helping me be a better version of myself. Prayer reflected selflessness and seeking to Gods will…remembering that “everybody dies but not everybody lives”. In writing this I realize I forgot to ask for intentions and failed to mention the troops and their sacrifice. So for those prayers in our hearts and for the Troops ever present at our borders defending our freedom. The ultimate sacrifice.



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