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Date(s) - 03/04/2018
6:00 am - 6:45 am

The Q:
Sipe and Nails

Southview High School



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  1. Ryan "Nails" Barnaby
    Ryan "Nails" Barnaby says:

    The Pre-Beatdown Ruck was led by Nails. Gap, Jimmy Dean and Balco were the Pax in attendance.

    The Thang:
    -2.5 mile ruck thru Sylvania with a stop halfway for 15 squats, 15 Merkins, 15 Flutter kicks and 15 chest presses with ruck sack

    The Ruck was followed by count-o-rama and name-o-rama along with a prayer by Nails for Balco and Jimmy Dean for safe travels this week.

  2. Jimmy Dean
    Jimmy Dean says:

    PAX: Dauber, Gap, Stiffler, Nails, Mickey, Splinter, Sipe, Brita, Sideshow, Balco, Mayor, Jimmy Dean

    QIC: Jimmy Dean

    After going over the mission of F3 and the 5 core principles, the PAX got to work. There was a brief warm-up of some SSH and up-downs.

    As YHC tried to catch his breath, he explained the thang for the day. There were two stations, one at each end of the parking lot, both had 5 exercises. There were 12 PAX, so it worked perfectly to have 4 teams of 3 men. The workout consisted of 1 member from each team at each station and 1 to run between. The men rotated so that each took turns running and doing the exercises at each location.

    YHC learned that 300 lunges (2 is 1) takes a very long time so one station completed much earlier than the other. The PAX adjusted to planking as they waited for their runners to come and relieve them.

    Time was eventually called with some teams completing and some not. We circled up and decided to do 10 8-count body builders in cadence to wrap up.

    Next was COR, NOR and Mickey was the 6. It was great to hear how he showed up thinking this workout group would be a bust and now he is one of the most out-spoken EHers of our group. In the COT, prayers were lifted up for Balco and Jimmy Dean’s travels, for the schools / kids / administrators around our country, and for our troops.

    Always an honor to lead this group of men who push me to be better every time I post.


    – SSH x 25 IC
    – Up Downs

    At flag end of the parking lot
    Men split up into teams of 3
    – There were two stations; one on each end of the parking lot with 5 exercises to complete as a team
    – One person would run from one station to the next, while his two teammates would be doing exercises (one at either station)
    – As the runner from each team got to the station, he would relieve his teammate doing the exercise and that man just doing the exercises would head to the other end; thus the teams rotated who was running and doing exercises for the entire time
    – Each team must complete the total # of reps as a group

    Station #1
    100 Burpees
    200 Merkins
    300 LBCs
    200 Squats
    100 American Hammers

    Station #2
    100 Surrenders
    200 Diamond Merkins
    300 Lunges (2 is 1)
    200 Imperial Walkers (2 is 1)
    100 Body Builders


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