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Date(s) - 07/15/2018
6:00 am - 6:45 am

The Q:
Sipe and Nails

Southview High School



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  1. Jimmy Dean
    Jimmy Dean says:

    PAX: Tupac, Greenpeace, Billy Bob, Sipe, Gap, Huffy, Jimmy Dean

    Q: Jimmy Dean

    Seven HIM stepped off from Southview parking lot at 5am to trek down and back along the University Parks trail for a total of 3.25 miles. Sipe and Gap took off with the shot of the gun and YHC had to ask them to downshift from 5th to 4th gear so we could allow the 6 to keep up.

    Upon the turnaround, YHC told Billy Bob to grab the flag and give us all he had. He took off at a great pace, despite being tired from the grueling pace at the beginning of the ruck.

    These men pushed hard and returned to the lot with plenty of time for some well-earned PT. YHC had the group do 10 merkins with rucks on, 21 squats, and 55 flutter kicks while holding their rucks over their heads. There was much grumbling with the flutter kicks as many expected the count to be lower, but the Q knew they had it in them.

    We began with the mission & principles and ended with COR, NOR & COT with prayers for Rileigh and Colt, our troops, and that we would all be better men. Aye!

  2. Chris "Gap" Sellers
    Chris "Gap" Sellers says:

    7/15/18 – And then they named me Gap….

    Q – Gap

    PAX – Jimmy Dean, Billy Bob, Greenpeace, Huffy, Sideshow, Tupac, Rick “Houdini” Hostetter – FNG, Sipe, Avalanche,

    Opening – Brief rundown of F3 purpose, principles and agenda.

    Warmup – Michael Phelps, Side straddle hops, Windmill.

    The Thang –

    In celebration of my first post 7/15/17, I added the numbers to get 39. This represented the reps per movement. In between movements we squat twisted, lunged or bear crawled our way. The AO was contained between the two light poles on each side of the visitor benches. Fun was had by all.

    (39) Merkins
    Squat 180-degree twist
    (39) LBCs
    (39) Mountain Climbers
    Squat 180-degree twist or lunge
    (39) Bicycles
    (39) Alternating Shoulder Touch
    Bear Crawl
    (39) Mason Twist
    Bear Crawl, Lunge or squat 180-degree twist
    (39) Stump Huggers

    COT – Prayers for Rylie and Colt, our troops and first responders. A prayer of thanks for F3 and those who have been blessed by what this group of men have given and gained from it.


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