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Date(s) - 08/26/2018
6:00 am - 6:45 am

The Q:
Sipe and Nails

Southview High School



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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    The Bermuda Triangle

    Hello? I’m still lost. How do I do this?

    Q: Billy Bob (VQ)

    PAX: (18) Kitty, Bullock, Cousteau, Hazmat, Jimmy Dean, Geppetto, Greenpeace, Ozzie, Houdini, Jazzy C, Beaker, Splinter, Colonel, Goose, Nails, Hedgehog, Sipe, Brita

    We started our voyage promptly at 0600. The air was thick and a light fog lay over the triangle. After the 5 core principles were shared, VQ had the men mosey over to where our journey would take place.

    The day began with some simple warm ups:
    15 4 count Side Straddle Hops
    15 4 count Windmills

    After our warm ups were complete, we got to the task at hand. The PAX was split into 3 groups. Not part of the original plan, but when the site Q says normally 7 to 8 HIM on a Sunday you aren’t necessarily ready for 18 people following you. But I digress. The adventure had 9 exercises. Each exercise was done for 40 seconds, then there was a 20 second rest to move the 15 yards from one cone to the next. 3 cones in all. We are in the Triangle. The exercises were as follows.

    CONE 1:

    Plank Shoulder Taps
    Plank Ups (Apparently these are also called Absolutions. Who knew?)

    CONE 2:

    Leg Lifts
    American Hammer
    Sit Ups

    CONE 3:

    Squats with Calf Raise
    Step Back Lieutenant Dans

    After a quick run through we got underway. The PAX split into the 3 groups, one group at each cone. The first exercise was done for 40 seconds, then during the 20 second rest you moved to the next cone. At the end of the 9 exercises, you went reverse back to the cone you started from. This was done a total of 3 times. (Get it? Triangle. 3 corners. Everything in multiples of 3. I think you get where I’m going with this.)

    After all 9 exercises were performed 3 times, the Q had the PAX mosey back to the SF where we did our COR and NOR. Our 6 this morning was Geppetto who shared some very heartfelt words. This was followed by our announcements and prayer intentions. We finished our adventure with a prayer and made it safely through the Bermuda Triangle.

    Thank you for reading the manifesto of our voyage.

  2. Jimmy Dean
    Jimmy Dean says:

    Bermuda Shorts Sunday Pre-Ruck

    Pax: Cousteau, Beaker, Jimmy Dean (Q)

    Went over mission, 5 core principles and disclaimer for F3 and the three amigos stepped off for a little over 3 mile ruck. We went down King and picked up the U-Parks Trail, took it to McCord and rucked up McCord and back down to the Fuse along Sylvania.

    Enjoyed some great conversation as we went, not so much the humidity!


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