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Date(s) - 12/20/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Stranahan Elementary



Bootcamp Style Beatdown enjoying everything nature has to offer.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    QIC: Hustle

    Da Pax: Jimmy Dean, Sipe, Ticket, Ozzie, Brute, Greenpeace, Colonel, Klinger, Beaker, Speedo, Commodus, Bullock, Poodle, Dirty, Honeymoon, Kitty, Hustle

    Da thang: this beatdown included the use of cinder blocks (some had to use a rucksack). This was in part due to Mount Doom and Faith Hill’s Q’s using cinder blocks the days prior, and Ant Hill wanted in on the action.

    4 ‘stations’ (corners of the school) were assigned. We all started at the same time. Stations 1, 2 , and 3 were the same movements. After each station, we farmer carried or carried the cinder/weight to the next station, set it down, and did a lap around to do the next set of 20 reps of 4 exercises: 20 Merkins using the cinder doing an incline or decline Merkin; 20 air squats with no weight; 20 arm curls; then 20 flutter/Klinger kicks holding the block (2 is 1). Station 4 gave us a break from the cinder/weight: 20 swing pull-ups; 20 air squats; 20 dips on a bench; 20 supermans. We did one more set at station 1 of merkins, squats, arm curls, and flutter kicks, then recovered.

    We then lined up, single file, holding cinder/weight overhead, and did an Indian walk down the length of the front lot area, then back, ensuring everyone was able to go to the front from the last spot in line.

    I call the next exercise ‘High plank merry go-rounds’, which ended up being a slight s@&t show. Basically, we started all in high plank position. The cinder blocks and ruck sacks were all arranged in a circle. We started with high plank on the pavement, then I moved to the right on the cinder block. We did this all the way around clockwise 2 times. The same was done, 2 times, moving around to our left, counter clockwise.

    Finally, we ended with one of my favorites, the static flutter kick hold, and holding our cinders/weight over our chest. I started with 1 flutter, and held that, until the pax all did 1, and hold. I did 2, etc. until all did 2, continuing to hold the staggered leg flutter position. We all made it to 4.

    Time was up, and we learned about the 6, who Greenpeace, giving us his version of what F3 means to him and how it has affected him in positive fashion. He was EH’d by the internet or podcast (sorry, this is a week late and cannot recall), but don’t believe a human being EH’d him, bottom line.

    Prayer intentions were verbalized, followed with the COT/ball of man.

    The turn out this morning was great! I enjoyed leading, and always consider it an honor to do so. Over and out. Aye!


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