The Ruckus (Harroun Park)

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Date(s) - 02/06/2024
5:15 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Dr. Nick

Harroun Park


ruck, Sylvania


What the ruck is a ruck?  A hike with a weighted backpack (approx 30 lbs) while stopping along the brisk walk to do some invigorating exercise. Excellent 1st F (fitness) and 2nd F (fellowship). If an FNG (Friendly New Guy) is a bit timid to post for a workout the ruck is a great intro to the pax.

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  1. Doug Mallette
    Doug Mallette says:

    Complementary Ruck
    Q: Nougat
    Pax: Nougat, Jimmy Dean, John Denver, Earl Gray, Pixar, Miranda, Scrooge, Mailman, Beaker, Gas Man, Claymore

    I wanted to Ruck almost 4 miles. Jimmy Dean said it wasn’t a good idea and that we should aim for 3.5. We Rucked through Haroon Park, over to Downtown Sylvania, down Erie, through Sleep Hollow, taking the “back door” to Mt. Doom, around Lourdes University, and back to The Ruckus.

    All in all a SOLID 3.7 miles

    COR – 11
    6: Claymore
    Announcements: Stubborn Brothers Lunch 2/7, Millions Crab 2/8, Super Bowl Squares for CSM 2/11, Taco Tuesday 2/13, Happy Hour at EBW 2/16
    Prayers: For our health, to start each day with gratitude and thankfulness.


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