Rivercrest Park (The Gauntlet)

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Date(s) - 12/31/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Rivercrest Park


boot camp, Perrysburg

Bootcamp style workout. Huge AO! 1/2 mile and .9 mile track. 2 Large pieces of playgroup equipment for pullups and hanging exercises. Over half a dozen soccer and lacrosse fields. The possibilities are endless for your Monday beatdowns!

The First Monday of each month will be a Murph workout in honor of Lt. (SEAL) Michael Murphy.

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  1. Geppetto
    Geppetto says:

    Backblast – December 31st, 2018

    AO: The Gauntlet – Rivercrest Park – Perrysburg, OH
    PAX: Geppetto (QIC), Bourbon, Bambi, Stark, Jennay, Raven, TuPac (Respect), Casper
    Workout: Year in Review

    No FNG’s so right into F3 Mission and Core Principles:
    F3 – Fitness, Fellowship, Faith
    Mission –Plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.
    The core principles of F3 are that it must:
    • Be free of charge
    • Be open to all men
    • Be held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
    • Be led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary. You versus you. Modify or stop an exercise if you need to. The most important thing is that nobody gets hurt.
    • End with a Circle of Trust

    The “Thang”: Warm up with (20) four count windmills. Then super-secret cadence side straddle hops. Q and PAX count first five reps and are silent for the remaining reps with the goal of all stopping at 21. Five burpee “reward” if PAX don’t all stop on 21. After three failed attempts (!!!) the Q decided to proceed with the rest of the workout as follows:

    -Indian run to Sled Hill

    Hybrid of past workouts at The Gauntlet, combining alternating elements of Denali 20310 and Pick ‘Em

    -(10) LBC’s and bear crawl to the top of the hill, run down hold plank until all PAX are done
    -Run 20 yards downfield and back and then complete (20) Merkins then hold Al Gore until all PAX are done
    -(20) Carolina Dry Docks and run backwards to the top of the hill, run down and hold plank until all PAX are done
    -Run 40 yards downfield and back and complete (40) Big Boy Sit Ups then hold Al Gore until all PAX are done.
    -(30) Scissor kicks (4 is 1) and karaoke to the top of the hill, run down and hold plank until all PAX are done
    -Run 60 yards downfield and back and complete (60) squats then hold Al Gore until all PAX are done.
    -(40) American Hammers (2 is1) and side step to the top of the hill, run down then hold plank until all PAX are done.
    -Run 80 yards downfield and back and complete (80) Imperial Walkers then hold Al Gore until all PAX are done.

    PAX then moved to middle of soccer field and performed “Roxanne”. While in plank position perform a plank jack every time “Roxanne” is sang and perform a merkin every time “red light” is sang.

    Mosey back to parking lot

    Ended with:
    Count-O-Rama – Eight
    The “Six”: Bourbon – Has been feeling under the weather the past few days but wanted to post today even though he wasn’t 100% because of the F3 brotherhood. He wanted to end the year seeing his F3 brothers at the beatdown. Aye!

    Announcements – Convergence at Levis Commons tomorrow afternoon to kick off the Winter Challenge. Over 70 PAX have HC for the challenge! 2nd F to follow at Bar Louie. Morning run and rucks are still planning for tomorrow.

    Ball of Man – Prayers for Landslide’s wife and a full recovery after her skiing accident. Prayers for Jennay’s boys and all of our children. Praise for the ability to rise each morning and exercise and make each other better. Prayers for a happy, healthy and successful 2019. And prayers for safety for everyone celebrating the new year and that wise decisions are made.

    Spreadsheets from the Gloom: 32 degrees, low to zero wind. Many of the exercises in Year in Review were things that YHC hadn’t done in years before joining F3 including side straddle hops and Indian runs. And many of the exercises I had NEVER done before F3 including bear crawls, imperial walkers and burpees. Fortunate to be a part of such a special group.


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