Riverside Park (The Wall)

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Date(s) - 03/08/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Riverside Park


boot camp, Perrysburg

Boot camp style workout. On the River. Amazing way to watch the sun come up and start the day with sweat pouring over your rejuvenated soul. Some ramps, lots of steps, a little concrete, a little grass, all the fixens for beautifully scripted beatdown!

You have to park at Hood Park, Downtown Perrysburg, or one of the side streets (i.e. Cherry, Walnut, or Second Street).


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    Anonymous says:

    Pax in attendance:
    Pixar, Dauber, Splinter, Chapo, Tupac, Klinger, Woodstock, Landslide, Froman, Hedgho, Bourbon, Venom, Brita, Stark, Dustin Baughman (FNG – now known as Jeggings), The Mickey, Casper, Ticket, Colonel

    Temp: 25 felt like 18, clear and not to breezy

    QIC: Colonel

    The Thang:

    YHC kicked it off at the bottom of the Wall with the eager pax of 18 (FNG Jeggings joined later in the workout – respect that he not only posted for workout #1 but he actually found us since we ran away from the Wall).
    Started with quick story about meeting the infamous Q of Roundtable for F3nation – CSPAN – during a work meeting in Orlando, FL 2 weeks post F3Toledo launch. CSPAN started his workout that day with explaining the shield lock – Imagine a shooting target, your center should be your God/Faith, followed by your spouse, outside of your spouse is your kids/2.0’s, outside of that is your shields – the men similar in age and experience that you lean on and lean on you as shields/protectors for each other, followed by your blades – the young men in your life that you are mentoring that will one day be a part of your shield lock and then your career. CSPAN’s meaning behind all of this is that not one of these is meant to be superior to the other. You put your wife before your faith you’ll have issues, put your kids before your wife you’ll have issues with your spouse and if you put your career ahead of any of these vital relationships you are missing the mark.
    Importance and connection with CSPAN’s target coincided with QSource 1.7 that Dredd put out last week titled – Importance of Shield Lock. Dredd talks about how men are similar to wolves but different in that we must rely on each other and at some point learn that the man that throws the spear is just as important as the man watching the six.
    With respect to both CSPAN and Dredd’s Qsource 1.7 – YHC started as he typically does and started with a sprint to the location we would start the beatdown since the stairs were roped off – the Perrysburg Boat Club.
    As the pax rolled into the PBC and finished the ~.25-mile sprint YHC started counting off each man into teams of 4 in the place they finished their run.
    With 18 two teams had 5 while 3 teams had 4 pax. With regard to all of us being the six at points in our life and with respect to the 6 as well as the leader the wolfpack beatdown went as follows:
    1 man up front as the leader of the pax, man on each side – those 3 would bear/wolf crawl up the 85 yd steep hill towards the statue while 1 pax member (or two if you had 5) would reverse wolf/bear crawl the entire way. The pax crawling forward had to stop halfway and do 5 merkins. The goal being that you stayed with your 6 that had a significantly more difficult duty doing the reverse crawl.
    At the top of the hill – mosey down and then sprint one time to top and do 10 jump squats in cadence with your team.
    This process continued as follows:
    Second trip – rotate your position in the team/pack clockwise. Do 10 merkins at halfway point. After crawl do 2 hill sprints with 20 jump squats at the top.
    Third trip – rotate clockwise, ½ way point do 15 merkins. After crawl do 3 hill sprints followed by 30 jump squats.
    Fourth trip – rotate clockwise so everyone has the honor of being the 6 and at ½ way point do 25 merkins. YHC switched up the hill sprints on the final runs. This time we did 5 hill sprints with 2, 3 and 4 the pax running backward up the hill. After 5th hill sprint the teams in cadence did 50 jump squats.
    Run back quarter mile to base of the wall to circle up for COT.

    In COT – Klinger was the Six and shared his F3 story. Klinger was named by Dredd years ago doing the 1st F3 CSAUP in Charlotte with Haskell and thought he would never see or do F3 again until the dancing idiot Colonel (YHC) approached him about this outdoor workout thing that started in Charlotte and he was all in. In Klinger fashion he ironically had forgotten his nickname from Dredd (blasphemous) and it was Haskell that cryptically reached out to let the nation know via the twittersphere.

    After Klinger’s longer than usual time in the center as the 6 and his short story long (Dauber called him out – no one calls out the Kling Dauber so watch your back) pax got the FNG Dustin in the circle to honor him with his nickname. Ironically no one went towards a nickname about being late to your first workout but Brita was quick to point his apparel of Jeans for the beatdown – thus Jeggings. Welcome Jeggings.

    Prayer requests for patience, troops, families, etc. Apologies for missing specifics as that was not caught on the tape. YHC took us out with prayers for all us to continue to get out of F3 what we need in our life with regard to being there for the man next to you in the beatdown, being the leader in your home, with your M and 2.0’s as well as in our city. Continued growth for all AO’s and that we use the opportunity with Cherry Street to make an impact in the lives of more men that need the power of F3 and the power of leadership/teamwork more than most. Also that we continue to come together as 1 pax in Toledo and cross over into other AO’s/parts of town to support growth and our F3 brothers!

    • Interesting stats: Hill was ~85 yds and not flat all.
    • We ran or crawled a total of 2.05 miles
    • ~850+ yards of hill sprints; ~850+ yards of bear/wolf crawls up hill; 110 jump squats
    • Every man tackled the reverse crawl with strength and tremendous effort! That might be one of the most humbling movements we have done with F3 – although you might have to ask Belding b/c he seems to do a lot of “humbling” movements both inside and outside of F3
    • Every man led his team at points and every man was the 6 – The man that is leading/throwing the spear is just as important as the man watching the 6!
    • Brita made a motion to include this as a convergence since we had pax representing from 3 areas of town – Toledo, Sylvania and Perrysburg AO’s.
    • Always an honor to lead and was great to Q at the Wall!
    • All joking aside (and there is plenty when YHC starts spewing Qschool value) – take the time to read Qschool 1.7 – its worth the 5 mins and 42 seconds to read it. At least that’s how long it too me…

    QSCHOOL 1.7 link —

    • If you don’t take the time to read this (or the other excellent Q source material) know this –
    o No man can see his own Six.
    o The man who watches the Six is just as important as the one who throws the spear
    o Pain is finite. The more it is parceled, the easier it is to bear.


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