Riverside Park (The Wall)

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Date(s) - 10/18/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Riverside Park


boot camp, Perrysburg

Boot camp style workout. On the River. Amazing way to watch the sun come up and start the day with sweat pouring over your rejuvenated soul. Some ramps, lots of steps, a little concrete, a little grass, all the fixens for beautifully scripted beatdown!

You have to park at Hood Park, Downtown Perrysburg, or one of the side streets (i.e. Cherry, Walnut, or Second Street).


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  1. Geppetto
    Geppetto says:

    Backblast – October 18, 2018

    AO: The Wall – Riverside Park/Hood Park – Perrysburg, OH
    QIC: Geppetto
    PAX: Venom, Tupac, Woodstock, Bubba, Forrest, Crab Legs, Bourbon, Stark, Huffy, Patriot, Hazmat, Coal, Schnapps, Buttermaker, Rooster, Ponzi, Crisco, Artois, FNG Eric Harbeson (Quaker), FNG Anthony Mifsud (Scallop)
    Workout: Ahead by A Century

    The “Thang”: Count off by two’s and warm up with four count Side Straddle Hops in cadence at Riverside Park. Half the group ran to Hood Park to begin beatdown. The other half remained at the Wall. Perform 100 exercise reps at Hood Park or Riverside Park and then run to the opposite park for next exercise of 100 reps. Continue cycle until all six exercises have been completed.
    Exercise list:
    Hood Park: Squats, Leg Lifts, American Hammers (2 is 1)
    Riverside Park: Big Boy Sit Ups, Merkins, Dips

    Repeato if you finish all six exercises.

    Ended with:
    Count-O-Rama – Twenty-One!!!

    Sharing of the six – Woodstock has been digging deeper in recent weeks to find his “why”. Why does he keep coming to beatdowns? What does he want to get from F3? What does he want to accomplish to make his life better? Personally, as a father, as a friend, etc. The workouts and the physical fitness keep him coming back but that is surface level. There is more that he can get from F3 and he continues that search for the “Why” everyday.
    Naming of the FNG’s – Eric Harbeson (Quaker) because he is from Pennsylvania. Anthony Mifsud (Scallop) because he was EH’d by Crab Legs

    Announcements – Frog 2 on 11.10.18 @ 2:30am. Meal train sign up for the Springer (Bambi) family. Contact Bourbon for details. F3 Toledo AO Convergence on 10.27.18 at Close Park. It will be the only beatdown location that morning. Venom encouraged PAX to sign up for Q’s. Schedule is WIDE OPEN.

    Ball of Man – Prayers for Bambi and his family. For the two FNG’s that joined us this morning and that they continue to post and find meaning and value in F3. For Carly and everyone worldwide who has Progeria. That the Lord give them and their families strength. And for everyone in the group to be better husbands, fathers, brothers, co-workers, etc.

    Spreadsheets from the Gloom: It was a crisp 32 degrees at 5:30am without a cloud in the sky. The temperature became a quick afterthought once the PAX began the beatdown and we got our blood flowing. Respect to those with headlamps as it helped with the runs between parks. We all got better today. It was an honor to lead.


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