Landslide’s Q (The Wall) – 1/25/18

Here is today’s BackBlast! Attendees were: Stark, Bourbon, Woodstock, Virus, Buttermaker , Tupac, Spalding, and the Q, Landslide.

We had three stations. The first was using a jump rope or without, 100 skips. The second station was 25 decline merkins, 25 dips and 25 single leg squats to a sit position for each leg. The third station was 25 Australian merkins, 25 each leg V sit ups, and 25 swimmer merkins. We then ran approximately 50 yards to the first station. We rotated through this workout for 30 minutes. We then gathered for a round of Geronimo and for my new age, we held a count of 57 for a front plank, a right arm plank and a left arm plank.

We ended with a nameorama, Woodstock as the 6th and the circle of trust.

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