See You in the Gloom at Mt Doom – 1/27/18

The Pax – Kitty, Sipe, Mr. Belding, Scrooge, Ticket, Dirty, & Balco (Q)

The Thang

i. Warm up (about 5 minutes)

Side straddle hops – 25 reps in cadence
Power squats – 15 reps in cadence
Mountain climbers – 10 reps in cadence
Up-downs – about 2 minutes in duration

1. Lap around the school (about 7 minutes)

Description: The pax ran a lap around the school and stopped at various points along the run at the Q’s call to perform the exercises below:

Decline push ups on the bleachers – 20 reps in cadence
Burpees – 15 reps
Flutter kicks – 25 reps
LBCs (Little baby crunches) – 20 reps
LBCs (25 reps, in cadence, 3 count)

2. Partner relays (about 12 minutes)

Description: The pax split into groups of two for partner relays. Partner 1 farmer carried a heavy weight (dumbbells or a cinder block) out for approximately 35 yards and back while Partner 2 performed continuous repetitions of the exercises listed below. The partners then switch for Partner 2 to farmer carry while Partner 2 performs the exercise.

Round 1: Chest press
Round 2: Weighted squats
Round 3: Military press
Round 4: Front shoulder raises

3. Partner pyramid (about 18 minutes)

Description: The pax remained in groups of 2 for a pyramid that consisted of 3 exercises. Each of the three exercises were performed for the following repetition pattern: 5 reps, 10 reps, 15 reps, 10 reps, 5 reps. (Note for clarity: All three exercises were completed for 5 reps before completing all three exercises for 10 reps and so on.) The three exercises were:

Exercise 1: Military press – Partner 1 and Partner 2 clasped hands. Partner 1 kneeled or sat on his 6 to perform the military press while Partner 2 stood behind to provide resistance.

Exercise 2: Push ups – Partners slapped five with each hand at the top of each push up rep before going down for the next push up rep

Exercise 3: Burpees – Partners high fived at top of each burpee rep before going down for the next burpee rep

4. Leap frogs, bear crawls, and crawl bears (about 6 minutes)

Frog jumps – Partner 1 leap frogged over Partner 2, who is holding in the squat position. Partner 2 then leap frogged partner 1. The leap frogging continued for about 50 yards.

Bear crawls and crawl bears – The pax bear crawled for about 50 yards then crawl beared for about 50 yards.

5. Guantanamo (about 2 minutes)

Circle of Trust, the 6, Ball of Man – Ticket was the 6. We had the opportunity to hear the profound impact that F3 has had on him. Prayers for those dealing with all types of loss: unemployment, loss of loved ones, and other types of loss. Prayers for a friend who recently divorced an abusive spouse.

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