Dealer’s Choice (Pride Rock) – 1/31/18

Dealers choice began with F3 mission, 5 core principles and  count O-Ramma.. total of 10 PAX..

The Q has a silly idea to let the group decide what to do, each dishing out the pain, and there was pain involved, HURT SO GOOD. What seemed like a good idea was soon being questioned at least by the Q.

Contributions we as follows:
Bambi – Flower (Sally up) that was a long 4 minutes!.
Bagles – walk like an Egyption – thigh Killers
Gadget – Bear Crawls Crawl Bears (pride is a terrible thing)
Mr. Bending – Side Straddle Hops, Diamond Merkins (why not, more shoulders)
Colonel – Jump Squat knees to hands, Herpies (a special touch to an old favorite)
Brita – Plank Jack w/Shoulder tap, Donkey Kicks (his technique was something to marvel at)
H2 – Mountain climbers, Indian run (more leg work, as if our legs needed more)
Hedgehog – Jump Lunges, plank to Fat Bottom Girls (Never realized how long that song  is and was educated that world record plank is 5 hours, and I was complaining about these few minutes?)
TuPac (Q) – Indian run passing dumb bells
Ended in a COT (and a prayer of Thanksgiving that I survived, said to self)

Thanks to the men up North that welcomed Bambi and I. Always feel welcomed

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