The Wall (The Wall) – 2/1/18

Q: Woodstock
PAX: Stark, Landslide, Bourbon, Buttermaker, Tupac, Flo, Casper, Spaulding

Opened with 3F’s, Mission, Core principles, disclaimer.

Warmed up with cadence’s of SSH, Windmills, and arm circles.

The Thang:
Circled up, and q instructed PAX to find their Wall today. PAX 1 would begin by running down the river possible toward Hood Park, stop at the road closed sign, and come back (~1/4 mile). Once PAX 1 returned, PAX 2 would go, etc. PAX not running did the following exercises in cadence:
Round 1 & Round 2:
Merkins – 25, using down/up cadence
Plank jacks – 25, using 4 count cadence
Burpees – 15, using 6 count cadence

Round 3 & Round 4:
Diamond Merkins – 20, using down/up cadence
Tri level Plank jacks – 6, using 4 count cadence (experimental)
Burpees – 10, using 6 count cadence

Next, we did a Bear crawl in a circle until Q called halt. One by one, PAX completed the called out exercise while remaining PAX held plank. Once all PAX completed exercise, bear crawl was resumed until next halt. Exercises were:
Squats x 10, flutter kicks x 10 (each leg), dips x 20.

Closed with 20 pickle pounders oyo.

Ended in a COT with COR, NOR, and Landslide was the 6.

Prayers were offered for the sick, injured, and expecting Father’s, plus for the beauty of the gloom and all F3 men.

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