Groundhog Day-Southview Pre-ruck (The Fuse) – 2/3/18

Pre Beat Down Ruck

Pax: Colonel, H2, Danica, Bourbon, Buttermaker, El Chapo, Wake, Hedgehog, Stamper, Nails, Splinter, Mater, Mary Lou, Bluto, Sunshine, Trinity
Q: Trinity

We did a quick review of the 5 core principles of F3. Pax agreed to follow YHC through Olander Park after warning that it was still closed and we may be trespassing (though YHC failed to mentioned we’d be scaling a few fences which may have been met with more resistance than potential traspassing fines). We started out heading east on Sylvania Rd to the southern entrance to Olander. All Pax successfully scaled the fence unscathed, though it was clear many of us haven’t hopped a fence since grade school. We followed the east side of the train around the pond to the northern entrance and scaled two more fences. Stamper stood guard and managed to keep all but Nails from hopping into the water in the drainage ditch. We continued north to Brint Rd, took that west to King and followed that the rest of the way in. We covered just under 4 miles in a little under and hour.

CoT: El Chapo was our 6 and shared how F3 has pushed him to share more than might normally in a personal setting.
YHC brought us home with BoM which was brief, though uninspiring. The lack of insight will be blamed on the cold temperature and the cold medicine YHC took before posting this am.

Moleskin: Always appreciate the opportunity to lead especially as this morning was my first time Qing a ruck. Admittedly, I was nervous as the Pax scaled the first fence as that could have ended badly had anyone had a fall. I’ll make sure to keep us on an unobstructed route in the future.
Nails proved his physical and mental toughness by completing the ruck and the subsequent RAK Q’d by Brita with a wet shoe. YHC’s feet were cold all morning so I can’t imagine adding wet socks to the equation with windchill temperatures in the single digits.


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