Rolf Park Black Ops (Rolf Park) – 2/4/18

Q – Woodstock, PAX: Stark, Rooster, Bambi, Flo.

Began with 3fs, mission, and principles.

Warm up with SSH (cadence), windmills (cadence), arm circles (10 count)

Run on the ~1 mile track surrounding Rolf Park. At the beginning of the run, and throughout the beatdown, YHC read quotes from Q Source regarding the King. Very powerful stuff.

Ended run at first beatdown stop.

100 Yard Dash then 100 Shoulder presses, run back to start point. Recover OYO.  75 yard dash then 75 mountain climbers (2 is 1), run back to start point to plank/wait for six.  50 yard dash then 50 LBCs, run back to start point.  Recover OYO.  25 yard dash then 15 (20) burpees, run back to start. 10 yard dash then 10 (15) burpees, run back to start point and plank/wait for six.

Mosey to field 2.  The best laid plans… With only 5 out of 11 HC’s (as of Saturday morning) showing up, significant modifications were needed from plan. Settled on 2PAX running while other three did Merkins, then flutter kicks,

then squats. Each runner went sideline to sideline, then rotated in and 2 other runners took off. 3 rounds of running for 1 each exercise, for 9 sideline to sideline sprints. Closed with all 5 doing a sideline run then 40 Merkins, all pushing until 6 finished. Repeato for flutter kicks and squats.
-21’s (all were on point)
-back to cones, 100yd dash then 10 Webb jacks. 25 yds to next cone, 10 Webb jacks. Repeato at each cone to 10, then did 10 burpees.

Mary: absolution (10), lbc’s (20), Outlaw (10 R/10 L), V-ups x 15

COT – Cor, nor, 6 (Flo)

YHC read one final Quote: remember, we are building a kingdom of Preparedness within which we intend other people to safely dwell. we know that fatigue makes cowards of us all.  How can a man be much of a Leader if he gets smoked pulling his family’s luggage off the baggage carousel and carrying it to the minivan? What will a son learn from a father who can’t play catch with him in the backyard for more than five minutes without having to sit down?

Ended with BOM.

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