Sandlot Sunday (The Fuse) – 2/4/18

Q: Gadget
Weather: 32 degrees and snowing, winds SW 7mph
Kick Off 6:10
Pax; 12- Android, Tupac, Nails, Sipe, Romano, Modell, Mayor, Gap, Rihanna, Dollywood, Splinter, Gadget

Side startle hops
Jump squats
Jogging suicides 10yds-40yds-80yds-90yds (field layout)
Kick off
1st scores-6 Burpees
2nd score-12 Merkins
Interception- 15 Merkins
3rd score-18 modified Squats
4th score-24 Stump Humpers (up down planks)
5th scores and winning touch down by Nails-30 LBC

COT Prayers for our troops, Romanos , Rihanna and Tupac family

It was a pleasure and an honor

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