Just the Normal Tuesday Ruck through the snow. Fast Pace (The Ruckus) – 2/6/18

DATE: 2/6/18
COUNT: 20 brave PAX posted on this cold snowy morning
QIC: Mark “The Hoff” Geha
PAX POSTING: Pixar, Hustle, Matter, Danika, Mayer, Wake, Froman, Trinity, Brita, Klinger, Olie, Bruts, Cogsworth, Worm, Colenel, El Chapo, Rose, Splinter, Ozzie, The Hoff

The core principles of F3 were recited by Hoff. Then the PAX were reminded that they are there at their own risk. No one is forcing you to be there.

The Thang:

The ruck commenced with the Hoff and Klinger leading the PAX with the shovel flag at a brisk 14 minute per mile pace from Haroun Park North along Main Street. The route turned into Hurroun park at the Root building.

We then traveled through the park to Hurroun rd traveling towards Flower. Once at Flower we headed to an unknown trail behind Flower, looping back around to Hurroun. We headed west on Brint towards the Lourdes playing fields. We went into lourdes property cutting into Saint Joes back parking lot. We then traveled down Ravine and back around to the starting point.

We traveled approx 4 miles and finishing at 6:15

Ended with NOR, COR, COT. Prayers were offered by Britta, and the Hoff. Hoff lead the fine group of men in a prayer.

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