Pre-Beatdown Ruck (Pride Rock) 2/7/18

In attendance was Tupac (Q)and Honeymoon.. Began with F3 mission and 5 core principles .. the preruck was put toghther on a short notice so attendance was low, but … Honeymoon being a man of integrety, helped out to make sure I was not alone.. we rucked an estimated 3 miles, and the one on one let to some meaningful conversation.. upon completion we ended in a.COT.. Thanks Honeymoon for the fellowship.

❄️Winter Wonderland At Pride Rock❄️ (Pride Rock) – 2/7/18

Pride Rock
Wednesday 2/7/2018 7:30p-8:15p
Q: Mary Lou
Pax: Brita, Honeymoon, Pixar, Bluto, Cogsworth, Nails, Gadget, Tupac

Warm Up:
Circle up – in cadence 3 count
20 Side Straddle Hops
15 Windmills
15 Flutter Kicks
15 Squats
15 Imperial walkers

BEARPEES – Line up across parking lot. OYO 1 burpee followed by 4 count bear crawl forward until across the parking lot (~50 yards). Once across, turn around and go back, but 2 burpees and 8 count bear crawl. Repeat keeping the 1:4 ratio until 5 burpees.

BLACK JACK– Perform 1 Merkin – run to the other side of parking lot (~50 yards) – perform 20 LBCs. Run back and do 2 Merkins. Run back for 19 LBCs. Repeat until you do 20 Merkins and 1 LBC. Always adds up to 21 – BLACK JACK!

Didn’t get all the way through black jack as time ran out. Ended with a powerful COT about forming partnerships in your personal and professional lives. Discussed having patience and open lines of communication with our children so they feel comfortable coming to us with anything. Prayers to our significant others as this time of year can be stressful feeling the winter blues. We need to be there and support them. And as always prayers to our troops past and present for
Thanks for coming out to Pride Rock and letting me lead this great group of men.

Last Minute Q (Atalanta) – 2/7/18

Jennay,Woodstock, Tupak, Bourbon and myself, Landslide(Q) were in attendance. We set up a rectangle of 60 yards by 30 yards. we sprinted the 60 yards and walked the 30 yards. At the end of each sprint, on one side we worked our arms and shoulders. It was one of the following 25-merkins, swimmer merkins or diamond merkins. The other side we worked our abs by doing 25-starfish sit ups, V sit ups, LBC’s or American Hammers. We traveled 1.5 miles in this part of the work out. Meaning we sprinted for 1 mile.

We ended our workout with a 20 minute game of ultimate Frisbee.

Be Better Today (Stone Wolfe) – 2/7/18

PAX: Dollywood, Hedgehog, Kitty, Ollie, Ozzie, Poodle, Romano, Rose, Sipe, Splinter, Wake, Worm
Q: Klinger

Weather: 18 degrees, 9 degree windchill, wind from NNE at 7 mph, Snowing sideways

YHC had a little bit of trouble trying to come up with a plan for today. Knew it was going to be snowing overnight so wasn’t sure what to expect at the AO conditions wise. Figured the track would be buried in a few inches of snow. Same for the bleachers. Roads probably not safe to run on because of the snow. Wanted to be a little conscious of not having PAX spend a lot of time on the the ground. Thankfully, as YHC pulled in, he was surprised to see that the parking lot had been salted and was in relatively decent shape – definitely areas of blacktop visible so footing shouldn’t be too much of an issue. The plan may work! YHC went on a scouting run to get some distances set prior to the PAX arrival. Well, Ollie was there early too, but he decided to stay in his warm Jeep!

At precisely 0530, YHC started things off with the 5 core principles and a brief disclaimer about sure footing and slippery conditions. Announcement was made that we would be completing the Army Physical Fitness Test today. The test consists of 2 minutes max rep Push Ups, 2 minutes max rep Sit Ups, and a Timed 2 Mile Run. The Army uses it as a way to ensure that soldiers are fit enough for duty. Since it’s a total body test, it can also serve as a way to gauge how “in shape” you may be. YHC felt that some PAX may be surprised at the results, assuming that most feel they are in “decent” shape after all these months of F3 training. Since the Stone Wolf PAX are typically a hardened crew, YHC knew they would be up to the task.

Warm Up: 1/2 mile Mosey around the course that we were using for the 2 mile run.

PAX instructed to partner up (size does not matter). Partner 1 performs the exercise while Partner 2 counts reps. Special attention was given to proper form and execution of each rep for it to be counted. If it wasn’t done correctly, then the rep does not count. Once Partner 1 completes the exercise, then flip flop.
1. Push Ups 2 minutes: max reps went to Hedgehog with 117!! Impressive for sure – nice job! Also props to Dollywood and Sipe for achieving a perfect score!
2. Sit Ups 2 minutes: max reps went to Ollie with 67! Guess staying warm in the Jeep was a solid move!!
3. 2 Mile Run: 4 laps of the course we scouted during the warm up. Road conditions worsened considerably throughout the morning, so it was pretty slick going around some turns. In less than ideal conditions, Ozzie led the way with an impressive time of 14:25! The snow actually melted from his shoes he was going so fast!!

Scoring: Push Ups and Sit Ups are scored based on number of reps and your age, meaning there’s a scale for how much each rep is worth depending on how old you are. 2 Mile Run is scored based on your overall time and your age. The maximum score for each event is 100 points, so a perfect score for the APFT is 300. In order to pass, you must score at least 60 points in each event, so the minimum passing score is 180. It is possible to score over 180 total points and still not pass the APFT if you fail to achieve at least 60 points in one or more events. High score for today went to Hedgehog with a 285! Think we should change his name to Beast! Here are the results:

Dollywood 39 75 100 55 78 18:03 63 241 P
Hedgehog 51 117 100 63 97 15:55 88 285 P
Kitty 36 50 74 43 61 16:20 73 208 P
Ollie 39 36 62 67 91 16:41 74 227 P
Ozzie 42 56 89 54 82 14:25 97 268 P
Poodle 39 56 83 43 65 18:15 61 209 P
Romano 36 46 70 64 86 16:55 67 223 P
Rose 32 46 70 53 73 17:25 63 206 P
Sipe 47 90 100 31 61 16:08 87 248 P
Splinter 32 58 83 40 58 15:20 81 222 F
Wake 39 60 87 62 85 17:00 71 243 P
Worm 47 46 85 38 69 18:36 67 221 P

Solid work by everyone! If you are paying attention, you may have noticed that Splinter fell victim to the scoring system. Despite scoring well above the 180 minimum, he didn’t score at least a 60 in the Sit Ups – needed 2 more reps!! I’m sure that this will be corrected next time. Of note, he was paying particular attention to maintaining proper form – Respect!

Once all this was completed, we circled up for Countorama, Nameorama, Know the 6, and BOM. Rose was the 6, and he talked about how he loves watching The Bachelor with his wife, thus the name Rose was born. Also spoke about how the most meaningful thing about F3 for him was how it has inspired him to take a fresh new look at his faith and act upon it. YHC shared some brief words about leadership and how we often pray to be better leaders throughout our day, but we never really talk about how to be a better leader. One thing YHC has remembered from his early days in the Army is that leaders need to provide a Purpose, Motivation, and Direction to those he’s leading. Prayed that we look to the Lord so we can find the inspiration in His example of leadership. The Purpose, Motivation, and Direction He led by was love for everyone he encountered. If we take that example and put it into our everyday lives, then our homes, workplaces, and communities will be a better place.

Great to have you all out there with me today! It may not seem like too daunting of a workout, but it is a challenge and can be a bit of a wake up call. PAX seemed to enjoy it, so it’s a guarantee that the APFT will make a repeat appearance in the future!